strain every nerve/sinew

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strain every nerve

To expend a maximum amount of effort to do something. I strained every nerve to reach that book on the top shelf, and I still couldn't get it.
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strain every nerve

make every possible effort.
Nerve is used here in an earlier sense of ‘tendon or sinew’.
See also: every, nerve, strain

strain every ˈnerve/ˈsinew (to do something)

(written) try as hard as you can (to do something): He strained every sinew to help us, but didn’t succeed.
See also: every, nerve, strain

strain every nerve

To make every effort.
See also: every, nerve, strain
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Discussion: Sinew acupuncture is a potential alternative non-pharmacological therapy for KOA.
Whistles and flutes were made from leg bones, and smoking pipes were decorated with fur and feathers using sinew or rawhide to tie these items to the pipe stem.
With the added strength of sinew, I was able to make a shorter bow for hunting out of ground blinds.
Much superior to regrinding of BCE material, only the Paoli "One-Step" system removes incidental bone chips and sinew. High volume grinding operations of beef, pork and poultry have found Paoli meat recovery systems to be the answer for maintaining profit and quality.
She observes that sinew thread tends to swell when damp, thereby improving the waterproof quality of seams when the garment is exposed to moisture.
the way they danced he doing his thing she hers yet also each other's his short manly body hips swinging girlishly exquisitely fit her short womanly body strutting cockily the way she took to touching the sweaty flannel the sinew beneath taking her back to who she once was: a woman who loved men.
For example: "An armbone chuck roast weighing 2 pounds 13 ounces will contain 7 ounces of bone, 3.5 ounces of fat and sinew, and will lose 14 ounces during cooking.
Tools and Supplies * Two snap clips with 1 1/2-inch loops * Two 1 1/2-inch D-rings * Two 1 1/2-inch belt slides * Awl or four-hole leather punch * Rotary leather punch * Two leather-stitching needles * Artificial sinew * Leather shears or utility knife * Scissors * Large sheets of paper * 1/4-inch rivets * Rivet setter and anvil * Flexible tape measure * Small block of beeswax * Binder clips * Square * Ruler * Permanent marker * Pencil * Hammer * Lighter or matches Some Riveting Information
You'll be making a saddle stitch with one strand of sinew, so thread a stitching needle onto one end and pull the sinew through the needle a few inches.
For the athletes who claim to be the best The Olympics will be their greatest test They have trained and strained for many a year And injury can end all in a sob or tear Supreme athletes at times struggle to cope But seldom do they ever give up hope Every muscle and sinew will be stretched To become the best of the very best Supreme athletes will of course reach the top But the question is can they now stop Not all athletes can be the best
Get in touch He continues to give us palpitations as he strives with every sinew to win another Grand Slam title - and we'll all be on the edge of our seats come Wimbledon, full of hope that he can do it once again.
Valentine's--I dug gentle, hugged the sinew waist, watered long.
"When you see a child having to stretch every sinew to perform a task like that, it does make you think.
The marble parts on sinew and flesh: down through the ages he strides, the calf riding easily there, the water rising behind them, poppies ablaze in the grass.