strain every nerve/sinew

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strain every nerve

To expend a maximum amount of effort to do something. I strained every nerve to reach that book on the top shelf, and I still couldn't get it.
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strain every nerve

make every possible effort.
Nerve is used here in an earlier sense of ‘tendon or sinew’.
See also: every, nerve, strain

strain every ˈnerve/ˈsinew (to do something)

(written) try as hard as you can (to do something): He strained every sinew to help us, but didn’t succeed.
See also: every, nerve, strain

strain every nerve

To make every effort.
See also: every, nerve, strain
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Supplies: Craft paper, scissors, #2 Glover's needle, sinew, lighter or matches, gloves, leather shears, contact cement, binder clips, ruler, carpenter's square, pencil, leather, lining.
Whistles and flutes were made from leg bones, and smoking pipes were decorated with fur and feathers using sinew or rawhide to tie these items to the pipe stem.
Much superior to regrinding of BCE material, only the Paoli "One-Step" system removes incidental bone chips and sinew.
As Betty Issenman shows in her book, Sinews of Survival: The Living Legacy of Inuit Clothing, this aspect of Inuit technology cannot be fully appreciated outside its cultural context; thus, she sets out to explore Inuit clothing as protection, as marker of identity, and as bearer of culture.
He simply threw every sinew in the direction of the ball and got it into the net.
When you see a child having to stretch every sinew to perform a task like that, it does make you think.
It is important that you remove any of the sinew or green markings, as this can cause bitterness in the pat.
The marble parts on sinew and flesh: down through the ages he strides, the calf riding easily there, the water rising behind them, poppies ablaze in the grass.
Leveille left no throbbing blue-veined sinew unturned and I felt close to these corrugated people in a pungent way that was new to me.
Set in a lushly mature park, Hadid's pulsating sinew of black lava concrete gives little quarter to its neighbour, a genteel stately home-cum-gallery built in 1918 to house an art collection begun by Danish insurance magnate Wilhelm Hanson.
NEWHALL - All muscle and sinew, the fighters pounded each other with swift jabs and hard knocks for pride and victory before a hometown crowd Sunday, part of the city of Santa Clarita Community Center's USA Boxing exhibition.
In Cyclopticon 2, 2003, a severed head hovers fire-limned and openmouthed against empty space, bloody sinew dripping from its neck, rays of photocollaged flowers and bureau ears, mouths, noses, and eyes extending halo-like all the way to the edge of the work.
It is something that is emotional and painful, blood and sinew, life and death.
Or if so much cannot be given, then to enter as Chuang-tzu's butcher entered an ox - slipping completely through; each cut, sinew and fat, sharpening the knife.
An unusually wide belt crafted from hand-spun cotton warps and sinew wefts; deep purple glass beads form a single cross placed in the center and is surrounded by a field of opaque white, tubular glass beads of varying lengths, overall length 42 in.