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sine qua non

A necessary, essential, or required element. The Latin phrases translates literally to "without which not." Some consider a good education to be the sine qua non of a successful career.
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sine qua non

An essential element or condition, as in A perfect cake is the since qua non of a birthday party. This phrase is Latin for "without which not" and has been used in English since about 1600. It appears more in writing than in speech.
See also: non, qua, sine

a sine qua ˈnon (of/for something)

/%sIneI kwA: "n@Un; American English "noUn/ (from Latin, formal) something that is essential before you can achieve something else: Many people believe that grammar is the sine qua non of language learning.
In Latin, this means ‘without which not’.
See also: non, qua, sine

sine qua non

Essential part. As translated from the Latin, “Without which, there would be nothing,” the phrase is an erudite way to describe that which is indispensable or basic.
See also: non, qua, sine
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Norris said Sine Cura is committed to using local and fresh ingredients whenever possible and uses homemade sauces that include tzatziki on the Mediterranean wrap and homemade lemon-cilantro and spicy aioli on the BLT and cheese steak wraps.
Paradoxul apartine stiintei semantice, dar apartine si culturii de toate culorile, el face viata insuportabila cand viata este excesiv de suportabila, dar o face de dorit, cand este diferita, conform regulii ca fiecare identitate este mai fericita cand se ignora pe sine si isi cauta satisfactia in alta.
Behavioral health facilities have a variety of choices when it comes to patient toilets, although Sine and Hunt are quick to assert that urinals should not be one of those choices.
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