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nulla poena sine lege

From Latin, literally, "no penalty without law," a legal principle that a person cannot be punished for an action if that action is not prohibited by law. The company's lawyers successfully argued that their tax practices, however unsavory to the government, were not expressly prohibited by existing laws, and therefore the case against them should be thrown out on the principle of nulla poena sine lege.
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sine qua non

A necessary, essential, or required element. The Latin phrases translates literally to "without which not." Some consider a good education to be the sine qua non of a successful career.
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sine qua non

An essential element or condition, as in A perfect cake is the since qua non of a birthday party. This phrase is Latin for "without which not" and has been used in English since about 1600. It appears more in writing than in speech.
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a sine qua ˈnon (of/for something)

/%sIneI kwA: "n@Un; American English "noUn/ (from Latin, formal) something that is essential before you can achieve something else: Many people believe that grammar is the sine qua non of language learning.
In Latin, this means ‘without which not’.
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sine qua non

Essential part. As translated from the Latin, “Without which, there would be nothing,” the phrase is an erudite way to describe that which is indispensable or basic.
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Modified sine wave UPS output is shown in figure 4, which shows that the distortion in the wave form.
"Unfortunately, she (Santiago) cannot invoke Section 20 in a sine die plenary session.
SINE compounds inhibit Exportin-1 (XPO1 or CRM1), which mediates the export of around 220 different mammalian cargo proteins.
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Designed around a hermetically sealed high-shock crystal and a CMOS compatible integrated circuit, the new device is able to survive shock levels of up to 100,000 g and vibration levels of 20 g at 10-2000 Hz swept sine in accordance with MIL-STD-202G.
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Sine Cura Caf owner Pam Cordua, 24, says getting a new restaurant off the ground can be tough, but the cafe at Broadway and Charnelton is slowly and surely building a customer base.
22 -- Amidst din, the Uttar Pradesh Assembly on Monday passed a controversial resolution on splitting the state into four parts by voice vote minutes after which the lower house was adjourned sine die.
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