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You must make conscious effort to avoid sins and you should not abuse the mercy of God because sins accuse Christians before God.
The church's abuse, discrimination, and misappropriation are also sins and must be acknowledged as such.
Cardinal Sin was among those who played important roles in the relatively peaceful People Power Revolt in 1986.
The major trouble with so general a hypothesis as original sin is that it becomes public property, so to speak, for anyone to pick up and use as a weapon against his opponents.
10) For all of them, the average layperson was less able to discern and execute morally right conduct and therefore less able to sin.
Author Tiffani Neilson is the host of the hour-long live stream broadcast where she interviews the who's who about what the secrets of survival and success are in Sin City.
True, it may be that the harm originated from a source other than us, but it may be that the reason it originated in the first place was the sin we committed.
Every culture's definition of goodness differs, as does its sense of sin.
Sin modal denims are made from natural fiber that provides comfort stretch are have natural luster.
k = 0] sin kx = sin(1/2nx) sin[1/2(n + 1)x] sin(1/2x),
Can the Church impose under pain of sin, particularly of mortal sin, something which is not demanded by the natural law or the Gospel?
Living Faith, like most helpful reflections on sin, emphasizes that sin is a relational term, pointing to ways relationships are out of whack from the law of love for which we are made.
The couple: Sin Reed, 23, and Matthew Stephens, 39, who live in Pontcanna, Cardiff, and both work at Tesco's office in Llanishen.
Sheen writes: "Once one loses hold on the primary dogma that man has a moral end, and that his actions, thoughts, and words in this life are all registered in the Book of Life, and therefore will one day determine his eternal destiny, sin becomes meaningless.
Fortunate Fallibility: Kierkegaard and the Power of Sin.