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Sin of Lust.There is unfortunately a feeling among some leaders sex is seen as some sort of fringe leadership benefit.
A useful explanation of sin, derived from the Quran, is given by Dr Farhad Shafti, a Quran scholar and teacher.
'Extraordinary statement by a Head of State (and we have had many this week at the UN): my 'only' sin is #EJK.
'You must make conscious effort to avoid sins and you should not abuse the mercy of God because sins accuse Christians before God.'
Yet the church still maintains its mortal sin status for this omission.
The "sin" of impiety.  A polite atheist isn't going to go out of his way to insult a religious person.  But at the same time, an atheist is not likely to attend church, pray, honor the name of a god, or participate in any sort of religious ritual.  If you define this sort of lack of piety as a "sin," then yes, the atheist sins by omission every minute of every day.  While some of us are glad to have Sunday morning free (if you're in a Christian-oriented country), it's not like an atheist sets out to be as impious as he can.  It's simply an aspect of who he is ...
Bf (t) = [[infinity].summation over (n=1)] [a.sub.n+1] sin nt = [[infinity].summation over (n=1)] [a.sub.n] sin (n - 1)t.
This one grand hypothesis of original sin is believed to account for all the evil among men.
Before we look to the more immediate work of our colleagues, we do well to consider how sin functioned in the church for the years before Vatican II.
Surviving Sin City with Tiffani Neilson is a dynamic Online TV magazine profiling celebrities, lifestyle, fashion, music, events, nightlife, etc.
When we commit sin, we're transgressing against ourselves, and transgression by definition is an imbalance.
A mechanism for atonement and forgiveness of sin is central to all religions.
The core of Sin denims is about comfort with innovations in style to match the new age consumer needs.
[[summation].sup.n.sub.k = 0] sin kx = sin(1/2nx) sin[1/2(n + 1)x] sin(1/2x),
30 -- If the bishops' council in Kerala has its way, alcohol consumption would become a sin for over 5 million Catholics in the State.