silly season

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silly season

A period during which news outlets cover frivolous or less serious news stories, typically during the summer when fewer topics are generated. Primarily heard in UK. I don't even buy the paper during the silly season because there's nothing worth reading about. You know it's the silly season when your assignment is to cover the circus.
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the silly season

the months of August and September regarded as the time when newspapers often publish trivia because of a lack of important news. chiefly British
This concept and phrase date back to the mid 19th century. In high summer Victorian London was deserted by the wealthy and important during the period in which Parliament and the law courts were in recess.
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the ˈsilly season

(British English) the time, usually in the summer, when newspapers are full of unimportant stories because there is little serious news
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The Deputy Prime Minister said the suggestion that Charles Kennedy was quitting in protest at the coalition deal was the "silliest of silly-season stories".
Given all the silly-season money floating about, this free could be the smartest buy of the summer.
It would be best to sure, because chief executive Peter Lawwell clearly believes that the mugs in the stands will swallow anything he tosses into the silly-season mix.
America's Golf World magazine has slammed the Presidents Cup tournament as nothing more than a ``glorified silly-season event''.
And Helen Liddell said: "This must be the silliest of silly-season stories.