silly season

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silly season

A period during which news outlets cover frivolous or less serious news stories, typically during the summer when fewer topics are generated. Primarily heard in UK. I don't even buy the paper during the silly season because there's nothing worth reading about. You know it's the silly season when your assignment is to cover the circus.
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the silly season

the months of August and September regarded as the time when newspapers often publish trivia because of a lack of important news. chiefly British
This concept and phrase date back to the mid 19th century. In high summer Victorian London was deserted by the wealthy and important during the period in which Parliament and the law courts were in recess.
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the ˈsilly season

(British English) the time, usually in the summer, when newspapers are full of unimportant stories because there is little serious news
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Its extraordinary and questionable age of 254 was old enough to maKe a silly season story.
And when the Silly Season coincides with the year of a municipal election, as is the case this year, the silliness tends to reach new heights.
The overblown silly season coverage of New Orleans one year after Katrina objectively harmed the Bush camp.
And it was here that we got the first real belly laugh of the silly season.
A slew of new releases from independent out artists offers plenty to mull over long after the silly season of politics and family holidays has gone.
In the summer silly season, rival Canadian newspapers are having great fun with Hollinger Inc.
The first sign that the silly season has started properly always begins with a daft animal story, preferably a big, hairy one.
YOU know it's the silly season when you're looking at Mexico v Ecuador in the Copa America thingy as a viable betting proposition.
SO WE'RE half way through the silly season and there are already Great White sharks off the coast of Polperro and the Beast of Exmoor has shown up.
THE silly season is at its zenith when spotlighting Ed Miliband.
LET'S raise a glass to the close of the silly season.
Mr Clegg said last night: "I can't do better than quote Charles, who said it's the silliest of the silly season stories in August.
THE silly season is here again, as signalled by animal rights campaigner Norman Wall ("Glorious 12th is just a bloodbath", Voice of the North, July 27).
MICK McCarthy warned against his Wolves team being victims of the silly season after seeing them inch ever closer to safety with a deserved point at Fulham.