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It's just that there remains some biological hang-up that demands that, starved of female company, they will revert to silliness.
Is there any danger to so much silliness on the Web?
No, the ambitions of the Japanese automakers this year focused on ideas that could soon make their way into production, rather than on the exuberant silliness of past shows.
Others achieve silliness and some people have silliness thrust upon them.
One example of the book's general silliness is the assertion--after the authors boast about how strong Christianity is in the United States (so strong that chapter nine is entitled "Humanists Control America")--that only 20 percent of Americans are "professing Christians" of whom fewer than 10 percent "possess a Christian worldview.
What was once "rejected as just silliness, is now weli received by many," Ostendorf said.
So after what seemed like a suitable period of mourning, he began a November 8 column with a familiar intonation: "Six days before September 11 purged much of the silliness from public life.
It's tempting to dismiss it all as women's silliness, yet the "ecumenical decade" boasts support from a number of Catholic groups.
Of all the grand silliness of Jeffress' crusade, perhaps the strangest feature is his supporters' claims that I am abridging "pulpit freedom" guaranteed by the First Amendment.
The success of these stories arose from Hale's skill in combining a realistic depiction of contemporary Bostonian society with a silliness that charmed youngsters.
It's just another example of the silliness that the tax system has wrought.
geist can find the silliness in his subjects yet portrary them sympathetically, and he can do so in a way that says much about class and culture in New York.
They've got a good balance of informative content and sheer silliness.
We do not have time for this kind of silliness," she said.
THE surreal, absurd and wondrously irreverent hijinks of the comedy troupe known as Pappy's make that British pioneer of silliness Harry Hill appear to be the most serious man in showbusiness.