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She finds herself, along with several of her schoolmates including the ultra-snob actress wannabe, in a televised competition (think Survivor, The Amazing Race, or perhaps, The Apprentice, and then think of their sillier offshoots) in which the TV audience chooses the winner.
Two hundred years later, we're still standing, and the claim looks all the sillier for it.
Winding down watching television with my husband (the sillier the sitcom the better) or enjoying my latest vice, playing video games.
Had she been able to find and deliver to her readers the full stories of Janet Nicholas, the key member of the 1997 Board of Education; Williamson Evers, an anti-progressivist political scientist at the Hoover Institution and one of the pioneering voices against the California dreams of the 1990s; and Luther Williams, the head of the National Science Foundation division that was responsible for the sillier math programs of the 1990s, she could have amplified her story immeasurably beyond her diary of their public pronouncements.
THE most ridiculous farce of a celebrity relationship has just got sillier.
Y'see, with hail the size of coffee cups, winters so cold your eyeballs near froze, gold making folks sillier than mountain goats, and craziness at times a woman's best protection--we all lost track of what was made up and what was real.
It's a puerile premise, made even sillier by highfalutin dialogue (by screenwriter Steven Katz) and somnolent pacing that makes us wonder at times if they are pulling our leg or embalming a classic silent picture in the process of trying to emulate it.
The web has created a genuineness about our discourse, making corporate-speak sound even sillier than it always has.
The referee decides the activity and the sillier it is the better.
Really, it's no sillier or more magical to make a face out of chocolate than charcoal.
Kids can print out Blue's Word Book to share with their friends and family, then return to the various activities to create even sillier stories.
Rukeyser, an elder of the bull cult, declaims against the bears, whose concerns about an imminent crash that would especially hurt the small investor are "erroneous" and "look sillier week by week.
Even sillier than having "three strikes" apply to small-time dealers is having "three-strikes" apply to non-violent addicts who commit larcenies and other crimes to feed their habit.
Asked about recent news reports that Safeguard would move away from the B2B field, Musser, the Safeguard CEO, said "nothing could be sillier than that.
THE OTHER WOMAN Sky Movies Comedy 8PM Game Of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is a slimy, cheating businessman whose wife (Leslie Mann) befriends his mistress (Cameron Diaz) and his bit on the side (Kate Upton) to devise a series of ever sillier pranks to give him his deserved comeuppance.