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We had six entries in the Large White Silkie classes and returned home with four firsts and two seconds, which is as good as we could have done," said Dilwyn, chairman of the National Silkie Club.
Much to their annoyance, the Silkie championship went to a coloured bird - an almost unprecedented event.
I have had many people come to buy other breeds of chickens, or even eggs, that wind up buying pairs of my Silkies instead.
I sell my Silkies for $15 to $30 a pair, chicks for $2 each and I usually have a waiting list for buyers.
Last year I gave some good hens to a repeat buyer because the Silkies I had sold him the previous year didn't turn out to be as good as I had hoped.
In regards to marketing your birds, one overlooked place to advertise Silkies is in the misc.
There's nothing worse than an ugly Silkie and I don't want anyone to think one came from my farm