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What does not occur to Griffin is what kind of effect this logic might have on the doubly silenced category of the black woman, and how her silences might be addressed.
And lorry's silenced self is subjected to Danny's indignant authority.
Then, she announces that Iorry is going to be banned from home: silenced symbolically both as her son and as Danny's brother (lines 8-9).
It is, the voice of a woman, newborn and yet archaic, a voice of milk and blood, a voice silenced but savage.(27)
We kept slipping into the binary of silencer and silenced, finding 'silenced' always the subordinate term.
Aung Saan Suu Kyi in Burma has been silenced for many years.
These stories tell the lives of people in a "liminal zone" - those who have chosen not to speak, and those whom society has silenced. The collection reflects African orature, in that each story is a dilemma tale, and Jones has left many gaps and silences for her readers to enter into - if we dare.
In two of the college story, "A Quiet Place in the Country" & "Persona," the young women are silenced not only by the obvious separations of race and class, but also by subtle sexual pressure from professors, both male and female.