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The steward was about to act on the old principle, that silence gives consent, when Hiram Doolittle, attended by Jotham, stalked out of the crowd, across the open space, and approached the stocks.
To be sure I must; and therefore I may assume that your silence gives consent. Now what are spirits or demigods?
First, if silence gives consent, the pope may be headed in the yes direction on the question of women deacons.
The Government also introduced a rule of "silence gives consent", which regulates actions of government agencies and licensees.
C* Said Plato " I shall assume that your silence gives consent." The most ironic and intriguing thing in all of this betrayal campaign by Debby and Afewerki is that it has been met with an absolute silence by the leadership of The Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement (SPLM).
As they departed, Gaddafi remarked that "silence gives consent" -- so unless they openly oppose him at the next summit, the United States of Africa will then automatically come into existence.