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significant other

A person with whom one is in a serious romantic relationship. Primarily heard in US. Since Kelly didn't have a significant other, she attended her friend's wedding alone.
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your significant other

A person's significant other is their wife, husband, or the person they are having a relationship with. Poor Holly, she hadn't any significant other to bring with her. Well, we always work together, we live together — he's my significant other.
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significant other

a person with whom someone has an established romantic or sexual relationship.
2001 Journal of Sex Research We asked: ‘Are you currently in a relationship? (Do you have a significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, sexual partner, spouse, etc.?)’ and ‘If you answered “YES”, how long have you been in your current relationship?’
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When these factors were examined in multivariate analyses, the likelihood of indicating unsafe sex was significantly elevated among adolescents who were at the clinic without their parents' knowledge (odds ratio, 2.
Results of multivariate analysis revealed that among infants born to women who had spent time in jail, birth weight differed significantly by mother's age: Compared with babies born to 18-24-year-olds, those whose mothers were aged 30-34 weighed 162 g less at birth, and those whose mothers were in their late 30s weighed 312 g less.
Univariate analyses of condom use and HPV status revealed that the proportion of men who had HPV detected was significantly lower among those who had sometimes used condoms during the past three months than among those who had never used them (25% vs.
02(4) permits a deduction not to exceed the vehicle's FMV if the charity sells the vehicle at a price significantly below that value or gratuitously transfers the vehicle to a needy individual in direct furtherance of the donee organization's charitable purpose of relieving the poor and distressed or the underprivileged who are in need of transportation.
Which full-time, first time freshmen were significantly more/less likely to engage in service-learning during their first year?
2005), we reported that urinary concentrations of four phthalate metabolites [mono-n-butyl phthalate (MBP), monobenzyl phthalate (MBzP), monoethyl phthalate (MEP), and monoisobutyl phthalate (MiBP)] were inversely and significantly related to AGI.
5-2%, Pride Cast Metals reduced its core costs by 24% and significantly reduced the time spent moving cores.
Inconsistent condom use was, in turn, significantly associated with HIV infection (adjusted odds ratio 1.
Despite this variation, studies were consistent in showing that the MD/RD children's performances on both number facts and word problems were significantly worse than the performances of NA children.
Further, respondents significantly overestimated the number of psychologists who were health care providers (clinicians, counseling and school specialists), as well as the number who are members of a minority group.