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Next, hierarchical regression analyses were examined to determine if the interaction of goal orientations and perceived beliefs of significant others predicted self-beliefs about USP.
The factor loading coefficients of the indicators of the latent variables (intrinsic/extrinsic work values of the self and significant others, career decision self-efficacy, and career decision) are presented in Table 3.
Factors within the environment that influenced the decision-making process were: initiating a life-sustaining therapy and health problems of the significant other.
Participants gave examples of how they could benefit from each type of social support if their families and significant others were to participate in a healthy lifestyle intervention.
As people with MS and their significant others negotiate life with a chronic, unpredictable illness, they often turn to hospital- and community-based services for assistance.
People identified as being in the contemplation stage were more likely to report that their significant others would react positively towards their dietary change than were people in the precontemplation stage.
Nash, and their colleagues recruited participants through Yahoo and MSN forums for significant others of military service members.
Siblings, parents, and significant others aren't terrible givers, he argues; it's the great aunts who are dragging the average down.
The workshops are expense-paid weekend events for up to 200 service members and their spouses or significant others.
military along with their significant others will travel to the island to complete the final step in the process of obtaining their scuba diving certifications.
Menopause Illustrated is a brief, lighthearted and witty DVD and accompanying booklet created especially to for men in need of advice to help their wives or significant others through the devastating change that is menopause.
I can only dream that the fact that we are willing to lay down our lives--but deny ourselves the chance to ever have an open loving relationship, or bring our significant others to our promotion ceremonies and events--will earn a second look.
Practicing and academic social workers, nurses, and educators explore the implications of the Every Child Matters agenda, promoted by the British government as an approach towards children, their families, and significant others.
Few studies have examined the relationship between social support received from the health care organization, family, friends, significant others and nurses' intent to turnover.
The authors draw from fantasy and role play centering on a beloved children's book, puppets and real situations children encounter to help them move beyond constricted worldviews steeped in safety concerns, and test healthier ways of thinking, feeling and interacting with parents and significant others.
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