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significant other

A person with whom one is in a serious romantic relationship. Primarily heard in US. Since Kelly didn't have a significant other, she attended her friend's wedding alone.
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your significant other

A person's significant other is their wife, husband, or the person they are having a relationship with. Poor Holly, she hadn't any significant other to bring with her. Well, we always work together, we live together — he's my significant other.
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significant other

a person with whom someone has an established romantic or sexual relationship.
2001 Journal of Sex Research We asked: ‘Are you currently in a relationship? (Do you have a significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, sexual partner, spouse, etc.?)’ and ‘If you answered “YES”, how long have you been in your current relationship?’
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41 (instructional), and was significant at the p<.
The foregoing illustrations demonstrate that selecting the proper accrual period for OID purposes and, thus, for significant OID purposes, may be beneficial in trying to avoid the negative implications of the AHYDO provisions.
For low risk accounts, CPAs should perform an analytical review of the account balance to ensure it is within reasonable limits that would provide adequate evidence upon which to base a conclusion that the account does contain a significant or material misstatement.
Fleet productivity has experienced a significant decrease.
How many significant figures are there in a value of 910 mL?
If the IRS has a mere reasonable basis for taking a contrary position and the advice relates to an issue that has a significant tax effect on the transaction, any written advice expressing a more likely than not (or stronger) conclusion would be subject to the mandatory requirements.
However, none of these differences has ever been proved to be statistically significant.
The technology platforms of Agenda 2020 discussed above are delivering significant results.
Observations of the differences between pre-and post evaluations mean scores for the Inferred Self-Concept Scale revealed significant gains in three of the experimental classes concerning teacher rating of self-concept.
She says the community is sustaining a significant retail sector, not just for itself, but for a customer base that extends well beyond the town's border.
According to results of a randomized, double-blind trial among 4,071 women in 10 developed and developing countries who sought emergency contraception within five days of unprotected coitus, (1) there was no significant difference in pregnancy rates by emergency contraceptive method.
Exposure in the early postnatal period, PN1-4, did not evoke significant short-term or long-term changes in the neuroproteins.
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