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significant other

A person with whom one is in a serious romantic relationship. Primarily heard in US. Since Kelly didn't have a significant other, she attended her friend's wedding alone.
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your significant other

A person's significant other is their wife, husband, or the person they are having a relationship with. Poor Holly, she hadn't any significant other to bring with her. Well, we always work together, we live together — he's my significant other.
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significant other

a person with whom someone has an established romantic or sexual relationship.
2001 Journal of Sex Research We asked: ‘Are you currently in a relationship? (Do you have a significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, sexual partner, spouse, etc.?)’ and ‘If you answered “YES”, how long have you been in your current relationship?’
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There was a negative, strong and significant correlation between death and GCS; a negative, strong and significant correlation between death and RTS; a positive, medium and significant correlation between death and AIS; a positive, strong and significant correlation between death and ISS; a negative, strong and significant correlation between death and TS; and a positive, strong and significant correlation between death and TRISS (Table-2).
As shown in Table 2, there was a significant decrease in mean HR in group RD compared with group RC from 10 to 40 min intraoperatively, which was statistically significant.
African Americans are the least pessimistic too: only 8.9% expect a significant decline and 2.2% expect a modest decline.
To further investigate the factors which were found to be significant, the standardized Beta coefficients provide a measure of the contribution of each variable to the model.
Second, the authors said that the minimum difference between the two groups that could be considered statistically significant at p < 0.05 would be 20%.
The foregoing illustrations demonstrate that selecting the proper accrual period for OID purposes and, thus, for significant OID purposes, may be beneficial in trying to avoid the negative implications of the AHYDO provisions.
During its post-closing adjustment review process, the company should accumulate and review any significant nonposted reconciling items identified from the reconciliations and other uncorrected/unrecorded accounting entries identified during other review processes to determine whether the books should be reopened and any or all of these entries posted.
Following Bongard, the Tax Court found that there was no legitimate significant nontax reason for the transfer of the assets to the partnership.
"Entering into this option agreement is a significant step toward the first acquisition in Norwood Immunology's strategic development plans.
In view of this therefore, we postulated that there would be a significant difference between the needs of married students and single students, and between on-campus and off-campus students.
Here are five of the most significant game-changing moments:
Standardized effect sizes of 2 to 3 SD were considered large, whereas an effect size <0.5 SD was considered of questionable clinical significance even if statistically significant (14).
Tax Executives Institute and RIA have agreed to extend their affinity contract through 2008, yielding significant benefits for both parties as well as for the members of TEI.
* determine the appropriate significant figures to use in reporting measurements.
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