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significance level

In statistics, the point at which a null hypothesis is rejected. Also known as the "level of significance." Who can identify the significance level in this problem?
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take on a new significance

 and take on a new meaning
[for an event] to acquire a new interpretation; [for something] to become more meaningful or more significant. All these monuments take on a new meaning when you realize the amount of human artistry and skill it took to design and build them.
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Without the rights for participation and empowerment, there is huge possibility that the at- risk-youth group will lose its significancy in society.
YK: Those three words left a significancy humming inside me: Taboo, Lust, and Bread And I said, "Yeah, that's right.
189 Significancy 3% level PC' PCR Deciles Mean Ranking Mean Ranking 1 0.
In stadistical analysis of associations we used the Fisher test and Chi squared of Pearson in significancy level of 5% (p<0.
However, it is possible that because our low samples the difference in 36-week trained rats do not reach to statistical significancy.
Information on income and percentage share from different economic activities other than dairy production were also analysed to evaluate their significancy to the total household economy.
With this brain, so time-shattered, I must work, in order to give significancy and value to the few facts which I possess--alas
Similarly, the pupil who would drive an automobile 90 mph over the second mile in order to average 60 mph for two miles after driving the first mile at the rate of 30 mph also manipulates symbols sans significancy.