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significance level

In statistics, the point at which a null hypothesis is rejected. Also known as the "level of significance." Who can identify the significance level in this problem?
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take on (a) new significance

To become suddenly more meaningful; to be suddenly able to be interpreted or understood in a different and significant way. Her words took on a new significance when I realized that she was the daughter of a billionaire. I found that the movie really took on new significance for me after I became a parent.
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take on a new significance

 and take on a new meaning
[for an event] to acquire a new interpretation; [for something] to become more meaningful or more significant. All these monuments take on a new meaning when you realize the amount of human artistry and skill it took to design and build them.
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We obtained very similar results in terms of exercise effect on the percentage of NADH transferase+ fibers, with the exception that we failed to demonstrate the significancy of such an effect.
Although both phytoplankters biomass and all inorganic nutrients showed spatial variations, the differences between the two stations in the concentrations of nitrate and phosphate (T-value =0.25 for nitrate, 0.48 for phosphate) were not statistically signifcant while those of Chl a and silica were as the t-test values (2.34 for silica and 2.57 for chl a) indicate significancy. In Lake KuRiftu, the correlations between biomass and the macronutrients nitrate-nitrogen (r=0.109) and phosphate (SRP) (r=0.14) were positive but weak while that between silica and biomass was relatively strong (r=0.691) although diatoms were not as important as the other algal groups in Lake KuRiftu.
Indicators/ External Internal t amount Variable control M,SD control M,SD Pain intensity NRS 3/94(2/67) 3/53(2/64) -0/76 Pain intensity VAS 3/98(2/69) 2/75(2/38) -2/16 * Disaster-making 4/5(5/76) 4/4(6/35) -0/09 Attention-diverting 8(8/82) 6/53(9/01) -0/81 Pain-ignoring 12/14(9/81) 14/66(11/76) 1/21 Hope 16/18(8/69) 15/50(10/58) 0/37 Pain reinterpretation 7/21(8/30) 8/60(9/61) 0/79 Self-talking 16/28(11/38) 15/5(13/38) -0/33 Indicators/ Significancy Variable Pain intensity NRS 0.449 Pain intensity VAS 0/03 * Disaster-making 0/92 Attention-diverting 0/419 Pain-ignoring 0/228 Hope 0/713 Pain reinterpretation 0/431 Self-talking 0/749 * Significant relationship Table 6: Correlation between pain intensity of VAS, NRS and locus of control.
We can observe the trends and events directly from the charts, however, to have more precise markers of the significancy of the changes, we have created a summary plot of relative changes (Fig.
Without the rights for participation and empowerment, there is huge possibility that the at- risk-youth group will lose its significancy in society.
YK: Those three words left a significancy humming inside me: Taboo, Lust, and Bread And I said, "Yeah, that's right." I thought of the three tires as controlling the overall vision of The Wishbone Trilogy.
In stadistical analysis of associations we used the Fisher test and Chi squared of Pearson in significancy level of 5% (p<0.05).
these changes were also apparent in sedentary rats (Irrespective of Significancy).