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significance level

In statistics, the point at which a null hypothesis is rejected. Also known as the "level of significance." Who can identify the significance level in this problem?
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take on (a) new significance

To become suddenly more meaningful; to be suddenly able to be interpreted or understood in a different and significant way. Her words took on a new significance when I realized that she was the daughter of a billionaire. I found that the movie really took on new significance for me after I became a parent.
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take on a new significance

 and take on a new meaning
[for an event] to acquire a new interpretation; [for something] to become more meaningful or more significant. All these monuments take on a new meaning when you realize the amount of human artistry and skill it took to design and build them.
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Statistical significance is the probability that an effect seen in a study is not likely to be due only to chance variation (Polit & Beck, 2010).
Confidence interval (CI) is considered reciprocal to statistical significance. That is p less than 0.05 is the same as having a 95% CI that does not overlap zero.
Are you living your life in pursuit of success or significance? Success by itself is empty.
Applicants for planning permission, or other relevant forms of heritage consent, will be required to provide evidence to enable the planning authority to establish the significance of the affected heritage asset.
According to Cult's authors, the problem is that significance has become a broken, or highly overused and abused, statistical instrument.
To assess its prevalence, Ziliak and McCloskey developed a 19 item assessment index for proper treatment of tests of significance (an example item is: "Does the article refrain from reporting t- or F-statistics or standard errors even when a test of significance is not relevant?).
Gerald Dawe, the councillor whose ward covers the site of the Ribbon, said he was unaware of the significance of the find until July, when it was featured on BBC Radio 4's Today programme.
Within collecting institutions, such as libraries, museums and archives, that seek to provide enduring access to the cultural memory, the concept of significance emphasizes importance and consequence to the community served by these institutions.
* Eastern courtyard, owned by Middlesbrough Council - the buildings are of moderate significance and could be retained and converted or redeveloped for new uses.
Because of the amount of "thick description" and the even-handed tone throughout, it is perhaps easy to miss the significance of Hunter's argument.
The problems with multiple hypotheses are well known and often addressed in textbooks on research methods under the topics of joint tests (e.g., Greene 2003; Kennedy 2003) and significance level adjustment (e.g., Kleinbaum et al.
Why, then, are its history and significance fading from view and becoming less accessible in the digital information age.
Deftly compiling a complete and through account of the Shroud's history, its actual significance for New Testament ecclesiastical studies, its symbolic meaning, and related issues german any debate on its authenticity, The Shroud Was The Resurrection offers a natural biochemical approach to the Shroud as a verification concerning the resurrection of Christ and the true significance of the Shroud of Turin's mysterious and legendary past.
For quantitative type of data test of significance applied was student t test and for Qualitative data Chi square test was applied.