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significance level

In statistics, the point at which a null hypothesis is rejected. Also known as the "level of significance." Who can identify the significance level in this problem?
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take on (a) new significance

To become suddenly more meaningful; to be suddenly able to be interpreted or understood in a different and significant way. Her words took on a new significance when I realized that she was the daughter of a billionaire. I found that the movie really took on new significance for me after I became a parent.
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take on a new significance

 and take on a new meaning
[for an event] to acquire a new interpretation; [for something] to become more meaningful or more significant. All these monuments take on a new meaning when you realize the amount of human artistry and skill it took to design and build them.
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But more important, on any given day, when you have a chance to add value to others and perform an act of significance, you may never get that chance again.
The First, Third, and Tenth Circuits oppose practical significance inquiries; the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Ninth, and Eleventh Circuits endorse them; and the D.
Readers should not confuse statistical significance with clinical significance.
We should also add the case of checking significance by 95% CI when it does not contain.
Oz is certainly a cover boy for living a life of significance.
It will allow participants to nominate buildings that have personal significance and will also reveal many new aspects to the architecture.
Applicants for planning permission, or other relevant forms of heritage consent, will be required to provide evidence to enable the planning authority to establish the significance of the affected heritage asset.
According to Cult's authors, the problem is that significance has become a broken, or highly overused and abused, statistical instrument.
To assess its prevalence, Ziliak and McCloskey developed a 19 item assessment index for proper treatment of tests of significance (an example item is: "Does the article refrain from reporting t- or F-statistics or standard errors even when a test of significance is not relevant?
Due to its undoubted national and potential international significance, we need to explore and very possibly enact a preservation in situ strategy.
Within collecting institutions, such as libraries, museums and archives, that seek to provide enduring access to the cultural memory, the concept of significance emphasizes importance and consequence to the community served by these institutions.
Downtown Third Thursdays' topics will range from a behind-the scenes look at one of the most intense and emotional international architectural competitions ever held to the founding of Manhattan by the Dutch to the history and significance of the New York City oyster trade to the restoration of Lower Manhattan's landmark buildings and sites to a conversation about legendary architect Cass Gilbert's design influences and styles.
The periodic table is an icon of science, yet its significance is often overlooked, writes Scerri, a chemistry professor.
George Peate, inspired by the horrible assault on the unborn, as well as the growing awareness of what life is like in the womb, leads us to reflect on the Person of Unborn Jesus, His mission before birth, and the significance of that mission to our age and time.
In an overtly competitive environment where students' desks were placed according to class rank, taking top honors was, according to Hunter, of public significance.