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Therefore, only with the help of the SEM, can a signer generate a valid signature.
It is impractical to provide a signer for pop and rock concerts due to the speed of the songs, positioning the signer and problems communicating when there are rapid changes with low level dark lighting effects.
Benjamin Franklin (age 70), who represented Pennsylvania, was the oldest of the signers.
We were pleased to welcome her and her signer and scribe to the business and HR management degree lectures and workshops.
What is striking about both Signer and Wilson is the fact that they did not restrict their activities to the purely academic.
It's sad, too, that so many myths about the signers themselves prevail when the truth is praiseworthy enough.
Burostuhl (Office Chair), 2006, shows Signer seated, with outstretched arms and, in each hand, a lighted rocketlike firework--one pointing forward, the other backward, the chair spinning in response to their force.
Currently these proposed authorization schemes are called Sender-ID, and a new scheme called Sender Signer Policy (SSP) that is intended to work with DKIM.
The signer should have the opportunity to review his entries prior to signing, and the entry must be complete before signing.
Haley Barbour of Mississippi shored up support for his "No-New-Taxes" position in the state Senate, and a Pledge signer single-handedly killed a tax increase.
The problem with this argument, the carriers say, is that the severability clause arguably applies only to the responses given by the signer to the questions in the application, and not to the financials statements "attached to" the application.
Holmes also contended that because he was not the only signer, he was not responsible; two people were needed to complete the transaction.
Finci is a principal in the New York office of Hillier, one, of the country's' largest architecture firms, and de signer of the 25-foot high building, made of glass walls -- frosted on the side facing the highway, and transparent to the rest of the campus.
He also discusses some men and women who performed heroic acts but never appear in history texts, historical fiction, or a TV miniseries even though they made a distinct contribution to the American victory, such as Button Gwinnett, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and Allen McLane.