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affix (one's) signature to (something)

To sign one's name to something, such as a document. Jason reads every contract thoroughly before affixing his signature to the bottom of it. Once you affix your signature to this last document, you'll be the owner of a brand-new car!
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affix one's signature to something

to sign one's name on something. I affixed my signature to each of the documents.
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I wish I had given him my signature, for your sake.
Putting what she knew of her husband's embarrassments and what I had heard of his conversation with the lawyer together, we arrived necessarily at the conclusion that the parchment in the library had been drawn up for the purpose of borrowing money, and that Laura's signature was absolutely necessary to fit it for the attainment of Sir Percival's object.
Under these circumstances, the one chance for us when to-morrow came was to be provided with an objection to giving the signature, which might rest on sufficiently firm commercial or legal grounds to shake Sir Percival's resolution, and to make him suspect that we two women understood the laws and obligations of business as well as himself.
Simultaneously with the merger of Signature with and into Heartland, Signature Bank will merge with and into Heartland's Minnesota-based subsidiary, Minnesota Bank and Trust.
The self-service fuel facility, expected to be officially servicing Signature's customers in the coming weeks, will offer recreational pilots an additional option for refueling their aircraft.
One of the alternatives are hash based digital signature schemes.
Regardless of the possible relationships between a painting and the signature on it, it is obvious that the signature serves as the attribution indicator for the painting only when its authenticity can be assured (Bensimon 1996:29).
The innovative and exquisitely designed LG SIGNATURE family consists of four products.
The Signature line includes more than 4,000 items--all backed by a money-back guarantee.
Generation of Randomized Gene Signatures. Results for the gene signature PCA model are compared to thousands of PCA models, based on randomly selected gene signatures.
His visionary thinking and inclusive, results-driven marketing style will be key to growing Signature to the next level.
HTF MI has added the report on E Signature Software Market for the forecast till 2025, the report comprises of the estimation of the E Signature Software Market.
'We have proven in court signature on 17 documents came from one signature of Datuk Suboh, which was lifted by someone and then used and reused 17 times.
With Smart Signature Plans, subscribers are prioritized on the Smart LTE network, the country's undisputed fastest mobile network as awarded by world-renowned network analysts like Ookla, OpenSignal, Tutela, and P3.
The team will collect signature from the Irish people in favour of oppressed people of Kashmir during the two-day signature camp on Monday and Tuesday in the capital city.