signal for

signal for (someone or something)

1. To use some kind of indicator, especially a hand gesture, to signify that one wants or needs someone to come over to one. I signaled for Tom to come help us with the machine. Will you signal for the flight attendant? I think there's something wrong with the seat.
2. To use some kind of indicator to signify something that should or needs to be done. We built a massive bonfire on the beach of the deserted island to signal for help from any ships that might pass by. Janet signaled for another round of drinks to be brought to our table.
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signal for someone

to make a sign for someone to come. I signaled for the waiter and got the check. Ted signaled for the parking lot attendant.
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signal for something

to make a sign that something should be done. I caught the waiter's eye and signaled for the check. The director signaled for applause.
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References in classic literature ?
By this time the signal for departure had been given, and the head of the English column was in motion.
In fact, after taking a few drops of wine and a piece of bread, Charles, weary of waiting for death, had suddenly decided to go to meet it and had given the signal for movement.
RMS is used to measure the signal distortion of the reconstructed signal for the chosen LCS algorithm and the signal reconstruction method
As a conclusion, this project has met its objectives which are to understand the method and principle behind the operation of a CATV signal testing system and produce a system to test CATV signal for a FTTH network.
Regeneration works by translating the optical signal back into its original electrical format, processing it to clean up jitter, and then translating it .back to an optical signal for re-transmission.
The coach may also have a signal for pitchouts, and he can even factor in the location of the pitches.
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Richard Kleinman notes that AFA Protective Systems also received the signal for another recent high rise office building fire at 26 Broadway.
The prescription is all "ones," except if a terminal is receiving a DS1 signal for which it cannot find frame.
The transmitting device boosts the amplitude of the first part of the transition or cuts back the signal for the remainder of the transition.
The catcher should never use a fist as a signal for the pitch-out.