sign up

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sign up

1. To enlist or enroll oneself or someone in something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "sign" and "up." My mother signed me up for piano lessons on the weekend. She signed up with a talent agency to try to land some gigs.
2. To subscribe oneself or someone to something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "sign" and "up." If you sign up a friend for the service, you'll get $20 credit to your account. You should sign yourself up to our monthly newsletter if you want to know our latest products and promotional offers.
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sign someone up (for something)

to record the agreement of someone, including oneself, to participate in something. Has anyone signed you up for the office picnic? Can you sign up Liz for the party?
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sign someone up (with someone or something)

to record the agreement of someone to join someone, a group of people, or an organization. I want to sign George up with our softball team. Tom signed up his friends with the agency.
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sign up (for something)

to record one's agreement to participate in something. I want to sign up for guitar lessons. We will sign up as soon as possible.
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sign up

Enlist in an organization; also, register or subscribe to something. For example, He signed up for four years in the navy, or Are you planning to sign up for that pottery class? [Early 1900s]
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sign up

1. To register by or as if by signing one's name; enlist: The army recruiter persuaded me to sign up. I signed up to volunteer at the hospital. Would you like to sign up for our free newsletter?
2. To register someone or something by or as if by signing one's name; enlist someone or something: I signed my daughter up for swimming lessons. The telemarketer signed up another four customers.
3. To hire or engage someone by obtaining a signature on a contract: The producer is signing up actors for a touring play. The team signed a rookie pitcher up for next season.
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Parents and others were given the specific date and time for sign ups and were told to meet at Morton Square Park.
"As we are almost reaching capacity for the number of walkers, anyone who is interested in taking part should sign up as soon as possible.
Georgia farmers and ranchers who suffered damage to working lands and livestock mortality because of Hurricane Michael are encouraged to sign up for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) through the U.S.
His administration also cut the federal open enrollment season in half, slashed the ad budget and pulled back money for counselors who help people sign up.
''We think that more and more young people are going to sign up as time goes by,'' said Gary Cohen, head of the Health and Human Services Department's office in charge of Obama's push to cover the uninsured.
"People who are signing up early have picked the perfect time, the internet poker site in question is just about to go live, meaning sign up potential through live or internet promotion is phenomenal, there are literally hundreds of thousands of online poker players out there who are all potential sign ups."
SignUpGenius, the leading online sign up service for event and volunteer management, has released a new collection of sign up designs to make holiday planning easy.
About $7 million will be obtained by three Florida organizations to support consumers sign up for health insurance during the second enrollment season under the Affordable Care Act.
Over half of the users on the platform and 80 per cent of new sign ups are from outside the US.
Colin Shevills, Director of Balance, said: "Despite the region having the highest rate of Dry January sign ups, it's worrying that so many people in the North East are drinking above the guidelines, putting them at greater risk of cancer and other health conditions such a heart disease or stroke.