sign the pledge

sign the pledge

To take an oath to abstain from drinking alcohol forever. My father was a monster to me and my brothers until he signed the pledge in the late '90s. I noticed Janet drinking 7-Up all night. She either signed the pledge, or she's pregnant.
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sign (or take) the pledge

make a solemn undertaking to abstain from alcohol.
See also: pledge, sign

sign/take the ˈpledge

(old-fashioned) promise never to drink alcohol: He hasn’t been much fun since he took the pledge.In the nineteenth century there were anti-drinking campaigns, when people were encouraged to sign a promise (= a pledge) never to drink alcohol.
See also: pledge, sign, take
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Fahmi was asked to comment on PKR vice-president Zuraida Kamaruddin's remark, who reportedly called the signature drive a 'calculated move', adding that it is not necessary that all who sign the pledge support Anwar.
We are asking companies and trade organizations to sign the Pledge to Americas Workers committing to educate, train, and reskill American workers from high-school age to near-retirement, said U.S.
Businesses that sign the pledge will accelerate social change by unlocking the social and economic value of disabled people.
A White Ribbon spokesman urged people to sign the pledge online.
"We're calling on food and drink businesses across Wales to sign the pledge and make a commitment to driving positive industry change.
We're calling on food and drink businesses across south Wales to sign the pledge and make a commitment to driving positive industry change.
Presidents who sign the pledge, commit their colleges to undertake entrepreneurial practices that boost economic vitality in their communities.
Eleven years later, we are asking ourselves why did not more companies sign the pledge and fulfilled the obligations they committed to implement?
Damien said he was told that if he refused to sign the pledge, he would be referred to the investigation judge for interrogation on the basis of articles pertaining to the incitement to immorality and to the breach of public morality for coordinating the activities.
Ismail said he was told that his page on Facebook would be shut down if he did not sign the pledge. The investigators said "he had better leave the country." Interior Minister Nouhad Al-Machnouk said it appeared Ismail had been intimidated "to stop him exercising his freedom of speech on social media," and ordered an investigation.
You can sign the Pledge for Israel by visiting www.
"We tried encouraging smaller outlets to sign the pledge with us but they said they are anyway not making much profit.
To sign the pledge to drive safe, visit the website
The Tories are calling on candidates from all parties - and Kirklees Council's chief executive Adrian Lythgo and West Yorkshire Police - to sign the pledge.
In Missan province, Sharqiya TV correspondent Baqir Mohammed Ali was forced to sign the pledge for releasing after 10-hour detention and charging him with "denominational thoughts".