sign for

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sign for

1. To provide one's signature in order to receive or approve of something. Your package is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Please be sure someone will be present to sign for it. A: "I need a signature saying this project was approved." B: "I can sign for it."
2. To provide one's signature (on or for something) in lieu of someone else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "sign" and "for." The boss isn't here right now, but I can for her. Sarah will be signing all time slips for me while I'm away.
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sign something for someone

1. to sign one's signature on a paper in place of someone else's signature. Would you please sign this for me? I can't sign it right now. Would you sign it for me?
2. to sign a paper for another person, using that person's name, adding the phrase "by [one's own name]." When the delivery comes, will you please sign my name for me? I signed Ted's name for him.
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sign for someone

to sign something, using one's own signature in place of someone else's signature; to sign something, using another person's name, adding the phrase "by [one's own name]." He's not here. I will sign for him. Where do I sign? Who will sign for Mr. Wilson?
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sign for something

to sign a piece of paper indicating that one has received something. Would you sign for this, please? Ted signed for the package and opened it up.
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sign for

To accept some delivery by signing a document: I went to the door to sign for the package.
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"I am a realist and I know where I am at in my career, and to sign for someone in England was going to be a grind for me.
"Footballers get criticised for lacking ambition when they leave a Premiership team to sign for someone in League One or even League Two down south but, if you can double or even treble your wages, then I think most people would.
To get players in better than we've got is going to cost money, otherwise they go and sign for someone else.
The pair have until the end of the month to sign for someone else or face months kicking their heels with the reserves.
It might be a case of Iain having to wait until Andy decides to sign for someone else - it's a waiting game." Everton signed Slovakian international Mucha last summer on a free transfer from Legia Warsaw - but he only made one appearance last season in a Carling Cup tie at Brentford.
"To sign for someone like Roy has given me a real boost - because I knew the gaffer as a player and I trained with him at United and had seen him around the club.
"I have a great relationship with Lee and his father, so there is no way he would sign for someone else behind our back.
``I'm free to sign for someone from next week and I'll be looking to sort something out quite quickly from then.
The Irishman was not qualified for the Champions Cup and not invited to the Scottish Masters, so he has no match practice to his name this year and that's a bad sign for someone who tends to start slowly.
"It means if I do sign for someone then I'll be in good nick."
He said: "I can't think of anything more disrespectful to Cork than to sign for someone else.
``When players are looking to sign for someone, they ask `do we like the manager?
I have another two years left on my contract with them, so until I sign for someone else I remain a Celtic player.'
That is not a good sign for someone who hopes to run the country during the toughest times the world has seen for decades.