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We are pleased that DPMO continues to actively and aggressively pursue live sightings reports," said Violante.
On the day after LaBranche's sighting, Driscoll settled into a spot deemed too iffy to merit a video camera.
The peak in collections of WN viruspositive birds, as well as reports of dead crow sightings in New York State and Connecticut, occurred during the week of September 26, immediately after the first press release announcement that WN virus had been detected in dead birds.
To date, more than 3,000 sightings of the Loch Ness Monster have been reported.
Locations of mountain lion sightings reported from December through March to the city's West Valley Animal Care and Control Center.
But sightings of Heritage Junction's most well-known ghost, Martha, began more than a decade ago at the Ranch House, a 19th century home built by Thomas Barden and Thomas Scott and later sold to Henry Mayo Newhall.
As society continues to expand its geographic boundaries, wildlife habitat continues to shrink and animal sightings become more common.
These sighting systems will be used as a replacement for AN/TAS-4 observation sights currently in use and will be capable of being installed on all TOW Anti-Tank platforms that use the original AN/TAS-4 observation sights.
Wildlife officers conceded the number of sightings are at an all-time high, largely because hot weather is drawing the cats out of the hills in search of food and water for their litters.
The latest sightings were near the Braemar Country Club, but progressively more south from the Wednesday sighting at Reseda Boulevard and Wells Drive in Tarzana.
In the past, it seemed, the factories did a better job presetting the fixed sighting, yet, in all fairness, current fixed-sight guns have a large number of different loads, which can potentially cause a lot of downrange variables.
Scouring neighborhoods without a specific sighting, officials said, would be a waste of time.
If I sight in a sixgun for my eyes, my hands, my load, and combine all this with what I have for a rest when sighting in, there is absolutely no guarantee the same sixgun will shoot to point of aim when using your eyes, your hands, your load and your rest.
However, I am concerned this sighting was further down than most of the others,'' said Los Angeles City Councilman Hal Bernson, who lives three blocks from the site where the big cat was spotted Thursday night.
38s during that period tells us that getting the gun to shoot straight for the shooter was seen as the big advantage of that sighting system.