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partially sighted

Visually impaired without being completely or legally blind. I've always been partially sighted, so I've gotten used to wearing glasses since I was a young kid.
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sight in

To adjust the sights of some projectile weapon, especially a firearm, in order to achieve an accurate shot. The verb can be used transitively or intransitively. These scopes have a wide range of adjustment options, so sighting them in is extremely easy and precise. Remember to sight in before you start hunting with the new rifle.
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partially sighted

Euph. not able to see well. Carrie is partially sighted, but she is not able to see well enough to read. I am not blind. I am partially sighted.
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Prof Ghafoor said that Mufi Muneeb didn't even wait for local witnesses and went ahead, announcing the decision that moon had not been sighted. 'When we receive information of local witnesses with local moon sighting committee, we send our staff to ascertain the claims but the central committee doesn't wait to hear from us on this,' he said.
The researchers also tested 10 sighted, blind-folded volunteers.
My attitudes were no better than most sighted people, as I then reflected the common belief that blind people are really not very capable when it comes to independent mobility.
However, point-shooting and sighted fire shouldn't be considered mutually exclusive.
"It probably helps that adults don't have a lot of expectations about what these children should be able to do as sighted individuals."
"Through this survey, we've attempted to compare the impact of educational background on current occupational status and life satisfaction for blind, visually impaired and sighted people, respectively," said Corinne Kirchner, Ph.D., director of AFB's social research department.
However, there is an oft-repeated but untrue saying in shooting lore that goes, "Once sighted in, fixed sight handguns are always sighted in." Not necessarily.
They also tested three nearly blind persons, who had some residual vision at the periphery of their gaze; seven sighted people wearing blindfolds; and 29 sighted people without blindfolds.
Once sighted in they are unlikely to go out of adjustment.
The scope was bore sighted when we bought it." A variation of the theme is, "They only need to practice a little bit because the rifle was sighted in last year."
What such sights will do is eliminate the debate over point shooting versus sighted fire by giving shooters a sighted index that can be placed on target without changing the visual plane.
or sighted so the bullet lands in the middle of the bead.
Once sighted in, with the sight post secured by setscrews, it can be removed and reattached without losing zero.
Sighted fire, therefore, was best used while engaging targets at the firing range or when facing a threat from a distance or from behind cover.