sigh for

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sigh for someone

to release a deep breath, indicating anxiety about one's emotional attachment for someone. Dave spent a lot of his time sighing for Laura, on whom he had a crush. Laura has been sighing for some as-yet-unnamed young man.
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References in classic literature ?
I stepped across, doctor, and got your boy to weigh me out a pound of salts, and have been mixing it with their swill.
Now they'll swill coffee an' play checkers till the cows come home," said Dan, as Uncle Salters hustled Penn into the fore- cabin.
The coroner is to sit in the first-floor room at the Sol's Arms, where the Harmonic Meetings take place twice a week and where the chair is filled by a gentleman of professional celebrity, faced by Little Swills, the comic vocalist, who hopes
Little Swills is waiting for the coroner and jury on their return.
Now, the design of your creation is--not that you should swill, and guzzle, and associate your enjoyments, brutally, with food; Toby thought remorsefully of the tripe; 'but that you should feel the Dignity of Labour.
To tipple, booze, swill, soak, guzzle, lush, bib, or swig.
Already, at three o'clock, Kezia, the good-hearted, bad-tempered housemaid, who regarded all people that came to the sale as her personal enemies, the dirt on whose feet was of a peculiarly vile quality, had begun to scrub and swill with an energy much assisted by a continual low muttering against "folks as came to buy up other folk's things," and made light of "scrazing" the tops of mahogany tables over which better folks than themselves had had to--suffer a waste of tissue through evaporation.