sigh about

sigh about (something)

To exhale a long, audible breath to indicate weariness, frustration, distress, etc., about some issue. He's been moping around the place ever since the breakup, sighing about his broken heart. I couldn't help sighing about my disappointment in not being chosen to be on the team.
See also: sigh

sigh about something

to release a deep breath, indicating anxiety, distress, or relief about something. What are you sighing about? she sighed about her illness and then shifted her thoughts to something else.
See also: sigh
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"Lizzie was over a year ago, but no one knew it," she says with a long sigh about the show that made a 5-foot-2 girl larger than life.
Infants tend to sigh about every 10 minutes, but this frequency goes down as a person grows up.