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sift something from something

to remove something from something by sifting. Fran sifted all the impurities from the flour before using it. Timmy sifted all the leaves from the sand in his sandbox.
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sift something out of something

 and sift something out
to get rid of something in something else by sifting. Dan sifted the impurities out of the flour. Walter sifted out the foreign matter.
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sift something through something

to make something pass through something such as a sieve. she sifted the powdered sugar through a strainer. Please sift the soil through this screen and watch for bits of pottery.
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sift through something

to examine all parts of something. The fire inspector sifted through the rubble, looking for clues to the start of the fire. We sifted through all the papers in the old trunk, but we did not find what we were looking for.
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sift out

To separate some class, kind, or size from others with or as if with a sieve: The jeweler sifted out the larger gems. An insurance investigator sifts the honest claims out from the false ones.
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sift through

To search through some container or collection: I sifted through the laundry pile to find a pair of socks.
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The experimental results prove the significant reduction of the feature extraction time, and the features matching time when running the SIFT on the GPU.
From that figure, the CPU utilization starts low (around 25%) during the feature extraction phase, and it goes extremely high (around 98%) during the SIFT feature matching.
The SURF feature detector has been evaluated on the CPU and the GPU using the same SIFT evaluation criteria, respectively.
The experimental work confirms the efficiency, and the superiority of the SURF feature detector compared to the SIFT feature detector.
This paper has presented a study for reducing the fingerprint identification time using two dominant local feature detectors, particularly SIFT and SURF implemented on CPU and GPU.
We express sincere thanks to Professor Kensuke Baba, Kyushu University, and Ms Serina Egawa, Kyushu University, for providing the primary OpenCV source code for evaluating the SIFT detector on the CPU.