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sift something from something

to remove something from something by sifting. Fran sifted all the impurities from the flour before using it. Timmy sifted all the leaves from the sand in his sandbox.
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sift something out of something

 and sift something out
to get rid of something in something else by sifting. Dan sifted the impurities out of the flour. Walter sifted out the foreign matter.
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sift something through something

to make something pass through something such as a sieve. she sifted the powdered sugar through a strainer. Please sift the soil through this screen and watch for bits of pottery.
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sift through something

to examine all parts of something. The fire inspector sifted through the rubble, looking for clues to the start of the fire. We sifted through all the papers in the old trunk, but we did not find what we were looking for.
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sift out

To separate some class, kind, or size from others with or as if with a sieve: The jeweler sifted out the larger gems. An insurance investigator sifts the honest claims out from the false ones.
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sift through

To search through some container or collection: I sifted through the laundry pile to find a pair of socks.
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Steve latched onto a small wooden nail keg full of odds and ends of pipe and whatnot and I spied two large sifters.
PHOTO : Kason sifters are used to scalp over-sized wood particles for recycling.
Up to five pieces of creative content can be placed in the Sifter at a time, and over the course of one week, elite Mixxers rank the overall content on a scale of one to five.
The sifter is offered in diameters of 24, 30, 40, 48 and 60 in (610, 762, 1016, 1219 and 1524 mm).
The 'Vienna Workshops' was basically an idealistic movement created to unite the fine and applied arts with the commendable goal of creating beautifully designed and crafted objects for every purpose, from sugar sifters to national buildings.
The sifter consists of two parts: a frame that straddles most wheelbarrows (lengthwise or sideways), and a tray with a bottom made of metal screening.
The sifter features a 150 grit finish as a minimum, with all welds ground flush allowing for easier and thorough cleanability.
Great Western Manufacturing introduced its new QA24 In-Line sifter, developed for small to moderate production volumes and to provide an economical quality assurance and HACCP solution for food, pharmaceutical and chemical operations.
has designed the Centrifugal Sifter for high capacity sifting and large process applications.
The powder, which comes in three sunny shades -- Light, Medium, and Dark -- comes in a mess-free sifter jar with a soft applicator puff, so you can apply just the right amount of color on cheekbones, chin, and forehead.
Users can take advantage of the recipe sifter and filter their searches by ingredient, nutritional value and even specific categories such as course, cuisine, occasion and preparation.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication,manufacture ,assembly,installation,testing,commissioning,validation etc in compliance to GMP requirements for the following items:Avaleha and chyawanprash filling,capping,labelling,ink batch coding system(capacity:1000 kgs/8hrs shift)the plant shall be in compliances to cGMP,Capsule polishing with air displacement unit and capsule sorter,Tray dryer-48 trays dryer cGMP model(Steam heated),Tray dryer-48 trays dryer cGMP model(Electrically heated,vibro sifter 30 GMP model.
The new Quadro Sifter is the cutting edge in high capacity, safety screening, and delumping technology.
New sifter technology is said to perform well with a six-deck screening area, while other systems use eight or more decks.
The Mini Centri-Sifter[R] centrifugal sifter is designed for small batches of pharmaceuticals and other contaminaton-sensitive products and allows rapid and thorough wash-down.