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sift something from something

to remove something from something by sifting. Fran sifted all the impurities from the flour before using it. Timmy sifted all the leaves from the sand in his sandbox.
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sift something out of something

 and sift something out
to get rid of something in something else by sifting. Dan sifted the impurities out of the flour. Walter sifted out the foreign matter.
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sift something through something

to make something pass through something such as a sieve. she sifted the powdered sugar through a strainer. Please sift the soil through this screen and watch for bits of pottery.
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sift through something

to examine all parts of something. The fire inspector sifted through the rubble, looking for clues to the start of the fire. We sifted through all the papers in the old trunk, but we did not find what we were looking for.
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sift out

To separate some class, kind, or size from others with or as if with a sieve: The jeweler sifted out the larger gems. An insurance investigator sifts the honest claims out from the false ones.
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sift through

To search through some container or collection: I sifted through the laundry pile to find a pair of socks.
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In this subsection, the same watermark is embedded repeatedly into N extracted SIFT areas.
The article has achieved SIFT algorithm on a combined platform of CPU and GPU according to existing experiment conditions.
The SIFT feature detector works through sequential steps of operations.
shows result of marker recognition with different plain texture using SIFT algorithm.
Among the information providers offering data via Sift are company specialists ICC and Infocheck, newswire provider ClariNet, and most importantly KnightRidder Information, Inc.
Popular descriptors include differential invariants [8], steerable filters [9], complex filters [10], moment invariants [11], spin image [12], SIFT (Scale-Invariant Feature Transform) [6], Shape Context [13].
Few hospitals appeared to have rigorous auditing procedures in place to show how Sift money was being spent, it added.
Place on a cake board and sift over icing sugar and decorate with holly.
Civic Centre staff were told to sift through the papers after a complaint by the Liberal Democrats.
The program will also create large databases that sift through the purchases, travel, immigration status, income, and other data of millions of Americans.
New York-based 24/7 Media Inc has acquired email direct marketing company Sift Inc for $22m.
INDIANAPOLIS -- Consona CRM, a worldwide leader in total customer management for the enterprise, today announced that the members of Sift Media's online communities awarded Onyx CRM with a 2007 Business Software Satisfaction Award in the Enterprise CRM category.
In addition, our sift criteria underline the Commission s intention to conduct a process which takes into account the full range of relevant issues, including economic, social, environmental and operational factors.
Whisk together the eggs, yolks, and sugar to a thick pale sabayon foam then fold this into the chocolate and finally sift in the flour and fold gently.