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lay siege to

To surround and attack a place (often a city or building) with armed troops. A: "The army has laid siege to our town!" B: "I knew we should have evacuated sooner!"
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siege mentality

The belief that one is constantly under attack and must protect oneself from hostility. Don't be surprised if Ned reacts to you with anger—he has a siege mentality that makes it difficult for him to see anything positively. Many people living in that war-torn country have developed a siege mentality.
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under siege

1. Literally, surrounded by the armed forces of the military or police, unable to leave or escape. The city remained under siege for nearly three months. By the time they finally surrendered, their citizens were starved nearly half to death.
2. Facing increasing pressure or difficulty. The company's stocks have been under siege as news of the scandal continues to spook investors.
3. Subject to criticisms or personal attacks from various different sources or angles. I've been under siege lately, with people from around the company coming to complain about the software issue.
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lay ˈsiege to something

surround a building, especially in order to speak to or question the person or people living or working there: The press and paparazzi laid siege to the star’s London flat in the hope of getting a photograph of her.
A siege is a military operation in which an army tries to capture a town by surrounding it and stopping the supply of food, etc. to the people inside.
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under ˈsiege

1 surrounded by an army or the police: The city has now been under siege for more than three weeks.
2 being criticized all the time or put under pressure by problems, questions, etc: The dollar came under siege on Monday, falling to its lowest for three years.
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The Siege of Acre, 1189-1191: Saladin, Richard the Lionheart, and the Battle that Decided the Third Crusade.
Moreover, sieges can displace the populations of key embattled areas.
The inclusion of Sieges elite offerings is the next step in Nehemiah Securitys plan to change the game for security operators through a more complete cybersolution.
La methode de calcul des sieges regionaux va comme suit : pour le premier siege regional, il faut diviser le nombre de votes obtenus dans la region par chaque parti ou chaque candidat regional, par le nombre de sieges locaux que chaque parti a obtenus, plus 1.
Ce parti a obtenu sept deputes (59 pour l'ensemble islamiste) sur 462 sieges a la nouvelle assemblee nationale.
Julia Osman, Professor of History at Mississippi State University, discusses France's proficiency at sieges during the American Revolution.
``People have made parallels between the two sieges, but they are very different.
In one of Britain's other longest sieges, hostage-taker Steven Wood, aged 39, held two women captive in a house during a 14day stand-off in Hull during June, 1995.
A la surprise de la plupart des observateurs, le Parti du Yukon a remporte une eclatante victoire, en s'appropriant 12 des 18 sieges de l'Assemblee.
These weapons being hard to move and slow to fire, they were most effectively used either in sieges or on the tactical defensive until more rapid means of loading and firing were developed.
Sieges featured extensively in medieval writings, providing a useful device for investigating topics such as chivalry, history, courage, and suffering.
By Tuesday, Defense Secretary Les Aspin had declared them to be a great success," because they demonstrated to Serbian forces that it was futile to block ground convoys and would persuade them to lift their sieges of Muslim enclaves.
A talented, resourceful, and determined engineer; worthy of comparison with his French counterpart Vauban, both as a theorist of defense and as a conductor of sieges. <BL>
Listes partisanes Ennahdha: 8 sieges avec 1429 voix et un taux de 26,96 pc Al Badil Attounsi : 4 sieges, 658 voix et un taux de 12,41 pc Afek Tounes: 4 sieges, 635 voix et un taux de 11,98 pc Tahya Tounes: 3 sieges, 591 voix et 11,15 pc Courant democrate: 2 sieges, 423 voix et un taux de 7,98 pc Beni Watani: 2 sieges, 314 voix et un taux de 5,92 pc Listes independantes Bardo d'abord: 3 sieges, 501 voix et un taux de 9,45 pc Kolna Bardo: 2 sieges, 341 voix et un taux de 6,43 pc La jeunesse du Bardo: 1 siege, 277 voix et un taux de 4,28 pc Fideles au Bardo: 1 siege, 182 voix avec un taux de 3,43 pc A noter que le nombre des electeurs inscrits dans la circonscription du Bardo s'eleve a 44901 et que seulement 5462 ont vote.
Plus de 50 partis politiques et 12 listes independantes entreront en lice pour 1254 sieges dans la wilaya d'Alger au titre des prochaines elections des assemblees populaires communales et de wilaya (APC et APW), prevues le 23 novembre prochain , a indique mercredi M.