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lay siege to

To surround and attack a place (often a city or building) with armed troops. A: "The army has laid siege to our town!" B: "I knew we should have evacuated sooner!"
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siege mentality

The belief that one is constantly under attack and must protect oneself from hostility. Don't be surprised if Ned reacts to you with anger—he has a siege mentality that makes it difficult for him to see anything positively. Many people living in that war-torn country have developed a siege mentality.
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under siege

1. Literally, surrounded by the armed forces of the military or police, unable to leave or escape. The city remained under siege for nearly three months. By the time they finally surrendered, their citizens were starved nearly half to death.
2. Facing increasing pressure or difficulty. The company's stocks have been under siege as news of the scandal continues to spook investors.
3. Subject to criticisms or personal attacks from various different sources or angles. I've been under siege lately, with people from around the company coming to complain about the software issue.
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lay ˈsiege to something

surround a building, especially in order to speak to or question the person or people living or working there: The press and paparazzi laid siege to the star’s London flat in the hope of getting a photograph of her.
A siege is a military operation in which an army tries to capture a town by surrounding it and stopping the supply of food, etc. to the people inside.
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under ˈsiege

1 surrounded by an army or the police: The city has now been under siege for more than three weeks.
2 being criticized all the time or put under pressure by problems, questions, etc: The dollar came under siege on Monday, falling to its lowest for three years.
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In other news, "Rainbow Six Siege" new season, Operation Phantom Sight, is set to launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.
Worse, their memory is being besmirched through government's tagging of them as part of the more than 900 'terrorists' killed in the siege.
de' Mussi's account is probably secondhand and is uncorroborated; however, he seems, in general, to be a reliable source, and as a Piacenzian he would have had access to eye-witnesses of the siege. Several considerations incline me to trust his account: this was probably not the only, nor the first, instance of apparent attempts to transmit disease by hurling biological material into besieged cities; it was within the technical capabilities of besieging armies of the time; and it is consistent with medieval notions of disease causality (22).
By deciding not to explore what actually happens to the people who are interned, or the profound conflicts in politics and national identity for Arab Americans (and, given the anti-foreign backlash, for many immigrant groups), Siege buttresses the notion that politics and identity are static and unresponsive to changes in the collective experiences of specific racial or ethnic groups.
From April 16 onwards, a few people were allowed to escape the siege, first two ill Franciscans and the four nuns, then some Palestinian youths, followed by the Armenian monks, and some wounded or dead Palestinians.
All of the pseudoclinical forays into alleged teen ghastliness in Parents Under Siege are set quite didactically in relief beside the authors' serene Buddhist spiritual pretensions.
Some of the proceeds of Siege's sale will be used to purchase four new yearlings to race in 2000 and to improve the luxury facilities at Ascot for members of the club.
In the final three chapters there is a move away from this descriptive approach in order to confront the thematic use of sieges as figures for the nature of history, salvation, temptation, and love in works as varied as the redactions of the sieges of Troy and Jerusalem, and allegorical works.
For example, during the Freemen siege, all TPIs were fully briefed before and debriefed after each contact.
At the beginning of the siege, all those hills and mountains - Trebevic, Jahorina, Igman, Bjelasnica - became artillery positions.
In "Blockage Diary Addenda: Notes Under Siege" Ginzburg recounts, in hindsight, how they bad all miscalculated "how it would be," how historically the boundary between lies and truth becomes blurred.
Nevertheless, A Sense of Siege makes clear that the most exigent problems lie in the Muslim world and in the here and now.
All this has been preserved, to some degree, despite the war and the siege. Every day people are killed and wounded; in one recent week, thirty-one people were killed and 194 wounded.
The brand director is known to be around the majors of the eSports competitions for "Rainbow Six Siege."