sidle up (from someone or something)

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sidle up (from someone or something)

To move gradually, inconspicuously, or surreptitiously up to or toward someone or something. As soon as you step foot in the city center, panhandlers begin sidling up looking for handouts. She sidled up to me with a sultry look in her eyes.
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sidle up (to someone or something)

to move close to someone or something cautiously or furtively; to move closer to someone or something gradually. Tex sidled up to Dolly and said howdy in a soft, shy voice. Dolly sidled up and picked the cowboy's pocket.
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sidle up

To advance in an unobtrusive, furtive, or coy way: At the train station, swindlers sidled up to the tourists.
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References in classic literature ?
There was one little, prim old lady, of very smiling and good- humoured appearance, who came sidling up to me from the end of a long passage, and with a curtsey of inexpressible condescension, propounded this unaccountable inquiry:
But she should beware Bonking Boris sidling up and trying to get too friendly.
Sidling up to the three main characters with a lazy handheld intimacy, Lubezki's camera could just as easily drift away to show the viewer some mundane, atmospheric detail--women preparing food in the back room of a restaurant, a herd of pigs wandering away from a campsite --a technique that simultaneously heightened the reality of the story and suggested that there was much, much more going on around it.
FROM humble beginnings, those Lego characters have gone on to well and truly hit the big time, sidling up alongside the Batman, Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises to name but three.
LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER FORMAT: Wii U PRICE: PS39.99 FROM humble beginnings, those Lego characters have gone on to well and truly hit the big time, sidling up alongside the Batman, Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises.
And a good time for creeps of all denominations to be sidling up and cultivating influence.
I can picture him sidling up to his bosses in the queue at the training-ground canteen, grinning: "You know what my grandmother used to say?
Jo, 54, captured 37-year-old Sculfor's attention throughout the event on June 3, and he was spotted sidling up to her and turning up his charm.
Highlights included a merciless impression of Radio 1's excruciating middle-aged white (c)rap DJ Tim Westwood sidling up to Stephen Hawking's "cool wheels chair" with the immortal greeting: "Wassup Doc - looking good!"
"Let me measure you," she said, sidling up to me in a vaguely threatening manner.
By the time cherry blossoms were in bloom the fare at the pump was already "as high as an elephant's eye," and looked like it would soon be "climbin' clear up to the sky." A barrel of oil, which went for less than $13 in 1998, was suddenly selling at $34, and everybody was predicting that sidling up to the pump this summer would cost us a record-breaking two bucks a gallon.
Storming the Gates would have been more accessible, and more fun to read, if it had been written with a title more like Sidling Up to the Gates and Peering In.
He spends his life sidling up and going 'Mum, hold your tummy in.
Arlene Palmer, 38, was seen on CCTV sidling up to cars at night and slashing their tyres.
The actress, 50, even made sure her make-up was pitch-perfect before sidling up to the Aussie cricketer at Dodger Stadium at the weekend.