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sidle away (from someone or something)

to avoid someone or something by moving to the side; to ease away from someone or something. The cowboy sidled away from the bar and drew his gun. He sidled away and snuck out the door.
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sidle up (to someone or something)

to move close to someone or something cautiously or furtively; to move closer to someone or something gradually. Tex sidled up to Dolly and said howdy in a soft, shy voice. Dolly sidled up and picked the cowboy's pocket.
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sidle up

To advance in an unobtrusive, furtive, or coy way: At the train station, swindlers sidled up to the tourists.
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the latter group is led by the Duke of Wellington, 'squirming from absolutist pronouncement to a sidling manoeuvre in pursuit of government, sounds as furtive as he does brazen .
A barrel of oil, which went for less than $13 in 1998, was suddenly selling at $34, and everybody was predicting that sidling up to the pump this summer would cost us a record-breaking two bucks a gallon.
Storming the Gates would have been more accessible, and more fun to read, if it had been written with a title more like Sidling Up to the Gates and Peering In.
This support is further bolstered by MCD's 80-day trendline, which is sidling at the 35 level.
The actress, 50, even made sure her make-up was pitch-perfect before sidling up to the Aussie cricketer at Dodger Stadium at the weekend.
Highlights included a merciless impression of Radio 1's excruciating middle-aged white (c)rap DJ Tim Westwood sidling up to Stephen Hawking's "cool wheels chair" with the immortal greeting: "Wassup Doc - looking good
These political insiders aren't sidling up to the next mayor because they think he's such a swell guy.
And the tree frogs with them, barking out of the needles, the copperhead skirting rushes, sidling into the shallows - lay it down, they say, on the green stones beside this water.
One of the accompanying videos shows the artist bound to this torture device, the wings of the V pinioning his arms behind his head, the neck of the sculpture sidling down his spine into his ass.
While I wouldn't immediately bet against CA due to its uptrend and heavy short-interest ratio, all it would take is a nudge to turn this sidling technical performance into a full-blown downtrend.
Arlene Palmer, 38, was seen on CCTV sidling up to cars at night and slashing their tyres.
For most of its three-year run, the show featured hunky, heavy-lidded Ken Wahl as undercover organized-crime agent Vinnie Terranova, sidling up next to a series of deliciously evil bad guys sketched against a darkly atmospheric dramatic sensibility seldom matched in episodic TV.
In its sidling ways, the stock has managed to overtake its 10-month moving average, but its 20-month is quickly descending into the area.
NICE to continu the goo to all w Thou Dave G best t to boy Oh, up fo chat his fi prob best had Th fron "Th Eng wit Oh, and sidling up for a drunken chat with Dave at his film premiere probably wasn't the best idea Lee's ever had, either.
Imagine Murray Slaughter sidling up against Mary Richards, as they stand outside Lou Grant's office door.