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sidle away (from someone or something)

To move gradually, inconspicuously, or surreptitiously away from someone or something. I began sidling away from him one he started spouting political extremisms. He started feeling uncomfortable at the party, so he sidled away as soon as everyone's attention was on the host.
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sidle up (from someone or something)

To move gradually, inconspicuously, or surreptitiously up to or toward someone or something. As soon as you step foot in the city center, panhandlers begin sidling up looking for handouts. She sidled up to me with a sultry look in her eyes.
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sidle away (from someone or something)

to avoid someone or something by moving to the side; to ease away from someone or something. The cowboy sidled away from the bar and drew his gun. He sidled away and snuck out the door.
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sidle up (to someone or something)

to move close to someone or something cautiously or furtively; to move closer to someone or something gradually. Tex sidled up to Dolly and said howdy in a soft, shy voice. Dolly sidled up and picked the cowboy's pocket.
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sidle up

To advance in an unobtrusive, furtive, or coy way: At the train station, swindlers sidled up to the tourists.
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| BIG HELP: Luisa Mansaf, Heidi Ellis, Amy Sidle, Alicia Mansaf and Sarah Milner present a cheque to Meals on Wheels volunteers (s)
Most guests, according to Sidle, drink the Chartreuse straight up and often compare and contrast them to each other.
Meanwhile, a stressed Catherine takes a lot of flack from Ecklie for her poor leadership skills, and is forced to agree to his solution to her staffing problem - bringing back former team member Sara Sidle.
Jorja Fox says she never gets bored playing Sara Sidle as season six poses for a dramatic end
Clinton Sidle. While it may not change the world, it is by far the best of the numerous leadership related books and articles we have reviewed in the past five years.
After grabbing a rifle, Sidle confronted the young man.
Sidle up to the cherry wood bar and gaze upon the floor to-ceiling selection of wines, ports, cognacs and the like or hang back and hang back and watch Houston's beautiful people mingle on the dance floor.
In response to criticisms, the Pentagon asked retired General Winant Sidle to chair a commission to study ways to improve press-military relations.
If the females are interested they allow males to sidle up to them.
Sita Kumari puts up one of Nick Sidle's images for a photographic exhibition aimed at breaking down stereotypes and reducing racism which was launched at the University of Birmingham yesterday.
Heading northeast I pick up a marked trail, sidle along a rocky slope, and leave the moist bottomlands behind.
The following week, they couldn't wait to get back to their own kind and sidle up to the Les Aspin-Bobby Inman story.
Get me on a radio talk show and I'm monosyllabic, but when I want to get laid I sidle my Cadillac mouth up next to obfuscate and titillate and animal husbandry.
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" starring Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle), Elisabeth Shue (Julie Finlay), Elisabeth Harnois (Morgan Brody), Ted Danson (D.B.
ALL SMILES NOW: Above from left are James Clements, Lewis Coston, Izak Sidle and Izzy Sidle from Tiny Turners, and right is our report of the theft NOW AND THEN: Izzy Sidle jumps for joy, left, after the kind gesture of two members of the public, and Elisha Rhodes with Millie Waldmeyer and Sam Adams, below, after the thieves struck