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1. To startle or surprise someone, as with a piece of information. Tommy totally blind sided me when he told me he was going to prom with my ex-girlfriend.
2. To physically strike someone who is not in a position to defend themselves. Come on, ref, isn't that a penalty? He totally blind sided me and hit me in the head!

side against (one)

To take the opposing side of one in an argument, dispute, or conflict. I'm afraid the board of directors has sided against you in this case—we'll be expecting your resignation directly. You always side against me when your mother starts to criticize me.
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side with (someone or something)

To join or align with someone or something; to support, favor, or share the opinion of someone or something. The judge sided with the tech company, stating that the plaintiff didn't have enough credible evidence. Sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I have to side with Bill on this issue. It was the only country to side with the rebel group, offering them military and financial aid.
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tv. [for someone or something] to surprise someone, as if sneaking up on the blind side of a one-eyed person (or animal). The new tax law blindsided about half the population.
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