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knock (one) sideways

1. To impact one with physical force, either intentionally or unintentionally, resulting in pain, disorientation, etc. He wasn't going very fast at all, but it still knocked me sideways when the cyclist ran into me.
2. To shock, surprise, astonish, or bewilder one. The end of that trick always knocks the audience sideways. I love watching their faces as they desperately try to figure it out. It really knocked Stu sideways when Olivia announced she was leaving the company.
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be knocked sideways

To be damaged or harmed, possibly beyond repair. Primarily heard in UK. Our economy has really been knocked sideways by the recession.
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look sideways at (someone or something)

To view or regard something in a disapproving or distrustful manner. I can't understand why everyone in this club is looking sideways at me. Am I not wearing the right clothes? Some people look sideways at these institutions, but I believe they are beneficial to the public.
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knock someone for a loop

1. Fig. to strike someone hard. You really knocked me for a loop. I hope that was an accident. DI was really knocked for a loop by the falling branch.
2. and throw someone for a loop Fig. to confuse or shock someone. (This is more severe and upsetting than throw someone a curve.) When Bill heard the news, it threw him for a loop. The manager knocked Bob for a loop by firing him on the spot.
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knock for a loop

Also, throw for a loop; knock down or over with a feather ; knock sideways. Overcome with surprise or astonishment, as in The news of his death knocked me for a loop, or Being fired without any warning threw me for a loop, or Jane was knocked sideways when she found out she won. The first two of these hyperbolic colloquial usages, dating from the first half of the 1900s, allude to the comic-strip image of a person pushed hard enough to roll over in the shape of a loop. The third hyperbolic term, often put as You could have knocked me down with a feather, intimating that something so light as a feather could knock one down, dates from the early 1800s; the fourth was first recorded in 1925.
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look sideways at

Glance at suspiciously or amorously, as in I'm sure the detective was looking sideways at me, and it made me very nervous, or They were looking sideways at each other, and I don't think it was innocent. [Mid-1800s] Also see look askance.
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be knocked sideways

If something is knocked sideways, it is severely damaged, and may not recover. Most of the country's trade unions have been knocked sideways in the past decade. Confidence in the British legal system has been knocked sideways. Compare with knock someone sideways.
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knock someone sideways

If something knocks you sideways, it makes you feel amazed, confused, or very upset. What knocks most visitors sideways is the sheer power and beauty of the place. Something like this, a huge shock, completely knocks you sideways. Compare with be knocked sideways.
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knock someone sideways

affect someone very severely; make someone severely depressed or unable to cope. informal
1998 Penelope Lively Spiderweb It's always knocked me sideways—the thought of what we carry around, stashed away.
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knock somebody ˈsideways

(informal) surprise or shock somebody so much that they are unable to react immediately: Losing his job has really knocked him sideways.
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The EGX's benchmark will move sideways in the short-term, but it is projected to rise in both the medium- and the long-term, Ahmed Thabet, technical analyst at Jazira Securities Brokerage, said.
Once free of the bow, an arrow shot into a crosswind is accelerated sideways by that wind.
Actors from the Sideways theatre group entertain crowds at Martineau Place with their performance of Beauty and the Beast.
The above excerpt is from part one of Cracker the Crab and the Sideways Afternoon, written by Michael Cogdill and illustrated by Jill K.
This is a progressive move for me in my career - I certainly don't see it as a sideways move.
Her book focuses on three screenplays: Sideways, Shakespeare in Love, and Crash, and provides in-depth analysis of both the creative process and the challenges of constructing the scripts.
Abandoned Staffordshire bull terrier Toby is looking for a home after being overlooked because of his sideways walk.
I have raised hell for years about trends in movies and TV showing shooters holding a pistol, usually an auto, sideways.
SIDEWAYS IN NEVERLAND: LIFE IN THE SANTA YNEZ VALLEY, CA depicts life and culture in a part of California which typically receives rare mention--the Santa Ynez Valley, midway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.
The Mini-Matic can be mounted upright, sideways or inverted to adapt for use in chemical batching and dosing, adhesive applications, etc.
Sideways saddened and angered me in a way that few films have in recent years, and it was a validation to see some of my reactions about it shared by Cole.
After the initial bounce following the secular low in the Showa Depression, the market essentially went sideways (or traded in a "box" market) for the next 10 years, i.
WHEN IT WAS RELEASED last fall, Sideways, a coming-of-age film about wine lovers for the 40-something set, was a nice little film destined for a short run in art houses, a loyal cult following, and a long second-market afterlife in video stores and on cable.
Going on the Sideways tour sounds as though you'll be spending some time walking like a crab.