off on a sidetrack

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*off on a sidetrack

Fig. on a digression; discussing a topic that is not the main topic. (Alludes to a train waiting on a siding. *Typically: be ~; get ~; get someone~.) Anne got off on a sidetrack and never returned to her topic. The ineffective committee got off on one sidetrack after another.
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In this context the two new sidetrack drilling rigs, which had been delivered in January, have successfully been deployed in late February.
In August 2010, the Company started a sidetrack well, targeting middle Triassic layers.
Oil pressures in the lower channel suggest the well also may be in communication with the deeper pools seen in the Owo-1 and Owo-1 sidetrack wells.
oil had further increased its sidetrack drilling capacities, which is C.
oil will invest EUR 150 million to expand its sidetrack drilling activities and to establish conventional drilling as a third business.
oil's 2011-12 capital expenditure program will total EUR 150 million and consist of two parts: The major portion of the investment will be used to build up a third core business of high-class onshore drilling services and a smaller portion of the investment will be diverted to reinforce the Company's existing businesses of sidetrack drilling and hydraulic fracturing.
Following a review of the seismic and well data by all partners and their advisors, all partners have agreed to drill a curved sidetrack from the Zita-1 well to target the Zebbag formation updip, thus drilling the maximum thickness of the Zebbag and Orbata formation within the top crestal closure of the formation.
A 7" liner was set at TD of 2,914m in the third sidetrack and a drill stem testing program commenced.
Subsequent Owo-1 Appraisal Sidetrack Well Confirms Major Oil Find
1 Sidetrack Well, located in Jefferson County, Texas (the "Sidetrack Well") into the Sun Fee Sidetrack Unit (the "Sidetrack Unit") and, therefore, PYR is entitled to the interest in the production from the Sidetrack Well that is attributable to this 3.
Cobalt today announced that it reached a planned total depth of 31,145 feet TVD in the Criollo prospect exploration sidetrack well, and is in the process of suspending operations on the well.
HOUSTON, July 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Chevron Corporation today announced that operations on the sidetrack well at the Big Foot discovery on Walker Ridge 29 have concluded.
Tuesday Evening the 29th the SideTrack Band will be at Dick's Last Resort in the Gas Lamp district.
3A well, the first sidetrack well in its Emily Hawes Field prospect, on Matagorda Island, Calhoun County, Texas.
oil AG (O2C, ISIN: AT0000A00Y78), one of the leading providers of oil and gasfield services in Russia and Kazakhstan, has extended its existing sidetrack drilling contracts with several core customers of the Company such as Gazprom Neft, TNK-BP and Rosneft.