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blind side

1. verb To startle or surprise someone, as with a piece of information. Tommy totally blind sided me when he told me he was going to prom with my ex-girlfriend.
2. verb To physically strike someone who is not in a position to defend themselves. Come on, ref, isn't that a penalty? He totally blind sided me and hit me in the head!
3. noun The side that one is not currently facing. Come on, ref, isn't that a penalty? He totally hit me on my blind side!
4. noun An area that is not able to be seen, either due to its location outside of the field of vision, or due to some physical obstruction or a defect in one's vision. That car must have been on my blind side because I didn't see it coming at all!
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side against (one)

To take the opposing side of one in an argument, dispute, or conflict. I'm afraid the board of directors has sided against you in this case—we'll be expecting your resignation directly. You always side against me when your mother starts to criticize me.
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side with (someone or something)

To join or align with someone or something; to support, favor, or share the opinion of someone or something. The judge sided with the tech company, stating that the plaintiff didn't have enough credible evidence. Sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I have to side with Bill on this issue. It was the only country to side with the rebel group, offering them military and financial aid.
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blind side

see under blind spot.
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and Chinese cultures and previous studies on advertising sidedness and conclusiveness.
The effectiveness of advertising sidedness and conclusiveness on people's behavioral intention seems to be more complicated.
The cultural effects of advertising sidedness and conclusiveness might be easier to detect if some other topic were used for the research.
Table 1: Mean Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavioral Intention across Advertising Sidedness and Conclusiveness between U.S.
Therefore we relied on a 2 (message sidedness: one-sided vs.
Further, no main effect of message sidedness on perceived message quality and difficulty was found.
To test hypotheses 1 and 2, analysis of variance (ANOVA) was carried out with a 2 (message sidedness: one-sided vs.
However, the main effect of message sidedness was significant, [F.sub.1,197] = 3.90, p = .05.
To test hypotheses 3 and 4, ANOVA was carried out with a 2 (message sidedness: one-sided vs.
Sidedness, then, is not a transmittable property of individuals.
The difference between sidedness and moiety Organisation becomes clearer when one considers the essentially statistical nature of sidedness.
In this light, it is worth stressing that a cumulative behavioural effect such as a propensity towards sidedness does not require linguistic expression as such.
However, if someone does marry a person with whom a previous connection exists--there may be good demographic, political and other reasons for doing so--then the landscape of relationships within which this selection is made is strongly biased in favour of sidedness. In other words, sidedness is not a principle of action but rather a context of interaction.
Such variability is inherent to sidedness itself, an emergent form whose continuity is founded upon a systemic integration of successive modifications rather than upon the simple iteration of some initial pattern.