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Costs among the sickest patients (those with the lowest CD4 cell counts) come to nearly triple those among individuals whose disease is least advanced.
At my sickest, I was eating well and swallowing the best supplements--but not absorbing one iota.
They claim that a co-existing program, shored up by premium support, would leave Medicare only the sickest, poorest patients and drive up government costs.
The letter points out that the Congressional Budget Office estimates 80% of workers in small firms would see increases in premiums and another 10,000 of the sickest people would lose coverage entirely.
The announcement came the day after of a number prominent physicians and disease groups castigasted the Ontario government "for withholding life saving medicines from some of the province's sickest and most vulnerable patients.
Cutting Medicaid means putting at risk the health and long-term care coverage of some of our poorest and sickest Americans.
THE Ballinasloe Horse Fair was described as "one of the sickest festivals in Europe", by an animal welfare charity yesterday.
A demented take on Pasolini's Teorema, complete with miracles, the movie features the sickest family in celluloid history.
St John's House, dubbed "Europe's sickest building", was due to be imploded in September.
Doctors saw many of their sickest patients get better when they started HAART.
Report cards may help to allocate the sickest patients to the highest quality providers, but they also may give providers the incentive to totally decline to treat sick patients in order to improve their quality ranking.
Should the sickest recipients receive preference (as the administration wants), or should some other factor govern--perhaps "youngest first" or "otherwise healthiest" (to make sure that a scarce liver, say, goes to a child rather than a cirrhotic senator)?
In the face of these challenges, AHCA has identified three priorities-- opportunities to eliminate the clear and present danger that current policies create for our nation's sickest and oldest Americans, as well as for the men and women who provide their care:
Current rules established by UNOS specify that donated organs must go to the sickest patients first and stay within a particular region.
Basically, it says organs go to the sickest patients first, no matter where they live.