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Sicker has held many advisory roles across the branches of government, including adviser to the Department of Justice's National Institute of Justice and chair of the Network Reliability and Interoperability Council Steering Committee.
Sicker develops new models to more efficiently access the radio spectrum, and considers the policy and economic issues surrounding this increase in access.
Sick and Sicker reveals that when the Canadian socialized system was first implemented, the politicians decided that to limit costs it would be necessary to drastically reduce the number of medical doctors practicing in that country.
So, the payment to insurers for covering older, sicker patients will be higher than for younger, healthier Americans, eliminating the incentive to exclude high-risk patients.
Result: the more recent the strain, the sicker the mice.
facilities are admitting older, sicker, frailer patients.
The longer they're out there, the sicker they tend to be," he says.
However, symptoms in the sicker group seem to be more severe than expected, he says.
The 16-page booklet, Hospital Discharge Planning: Helping Family Caregivers Through the Process, distills the best practices of discharge planning professionals and provides strategies that benefit both staff and family caregivers as they deal with a hospitalized population that is older and sicker than ever before.
When the doctors are asked why they use more resources than other doctors in the same field, the reply invariably includes something about how their patients are sicker than anyone else's patients.
The further away from normal, the sicker the patient and the greater the likelihood of more intense treatment being needed.
A paper in the June 2001 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine, titled "Preliminary Evidence of Impaired Thinking in Sick Patients," reports that sicker patients (those who score 50 or lower on the Karnofsky scale rating of physical functioning) perform about as well as children younger than ten on seven tasks of cognitive function developed by Jean Piaget.