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Sick and Sicker reveals that when the Canadian socialized system was first implemented, the politicians decided that to limit costs it would be necessary to drastically reduce the number of medical doctors practicing in that country.
People at the bottom of waiting lists rarely get sicker quickly.
People don't realize that there are different levels of illness, so if people who come in after you are sicker than you, then we have to see them first.
However, the cost of HAART is fairly consistent regardless of stage of the disease; therefore, the sicker the individual, the smaller the share of expenditures attributable to these medications.
And when antibiotics stop working, sick people end up getting sicker.
A new study from The Johns Hopkins University shows that a noisy hospital environment may make patients sicker and lead to higher stress levels and burnout among staff.
Although this increase is seemingly small, this additional $1 charge per prescription could quickly add up for some of our older and sicker veterans who rely upon multiple prescriptions for chronic diseases.
But I was aware he was becoming sicker and sicker as we got through 12 and 13 holes
The coauthor of the study stated that the likelihood of developing those types of cancers while taking these drugs is small, but older and sicker patients could be at high risk.
The proposal would do little to extend coverage to more Americans and would leave sicker Americans with little help.
When released, prisoners are often sicker than when they entered prison, and have no referrals for medical care, housing, or drug treatment.
Result: the more recent the strain, the sicker the mice.
facilities are admitting older, sicker, frailer patients.