sick of (someone or something)

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sick of (someone or something)

Thoroughly annoyed or exasperated by someone or something. I am so sick of all these political campaign ads. They're on all the time each election, and every year they get nastier and nastier. I got the feeling that he was getting pretty sick of me by the end of the day. I'm just sick of feeling so tired all the time.
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*sick (and tired) of someone or something

Fig. tired of someone or something, especially something that one must do again and again or someone or something that one must deal with repeatedly. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; get ~; grow ~.) I am sick and tired of cleaning up after you. Mary was sick of being stuck in traffic.
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ˈsick of somebody/something


ˌsick and ˈtired of somebody/something

(informal) bored with or annoyed by somebody, or by something that has been happening for a long time which you want to stop: I’m sick and tired of hearing you complaining all day long.
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Wala namang constitutional provision that if you get sick of something, you are disqualified.
Jaya adds: "We make things which last, and people are increasingly getting sick of something which they will just use for a few years and then throw away.
Michel Tremblay: What's interesting about Quebec, and I don't know why, when we're sick of something, we just get rid of it.
Under our Constitution, there's no constitutional provision that if you get sick of something, you're disqualified.