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In the latter part of the 19th century which country was known as 'the sick man of Europe'?
Though a union member myself, f I was pleased Mrs T stood up to the extremists and put an end to Britain being known as the sick man of | Europe.
She will be remembered in Sutton Coldfield as a strong, tough reformer who ended Britain's position as the sick man of Europe.
By JAMES LYONS Deputy Political Editor BRITAIN'S stunted growth and ailing jobs market has made it "the sick man of the G7".
It's just one of many reasons why this country has become known as The Sick Man of Europe.
LONDON, Feb 8, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish State Minister and Chief Negotiator for EU Talks Egemen Bagis said on Monday that "Turkey was no longer the sick man of Europe".
Bear Nevertheless, Egyptians are described as the cultured founders of modern civilisation and we are labelled as the sick man of Europe.
Chief executive David Noble said: "Though August saw a reduction in the rate of deterioration, it is still the sick man of the UK economy.
Scotland has long been dubbed the sick man of Europe - but the Health Secretary's patch is one of the sickest in the land.
And finally--as in the last straw--our researchers suggest that all of us take a few sex-ed pointers from the Netherlands, "the sick man of Europe.
PRESIDENT de Gaulle once described Britain as the sick man of Europe.
The Coalition pretence that the UK is the sick man of Europe and desperately in need of Cameron's unique medicine - tablets dissolving the NHS to be taken every day till it disappears - were discredited yesterday and his medical backing now appears tissue thin.
FOR too many years, Scotland has lived with the shameful burden of being tagged the sick man of Europe.
Will be also deny Britain was labelled the sick man of Europe?
Britain has been called "the sick man of Europe" after the Department of Health report revealed that England is the only European country with rising alcohol consumption and an increase in alcohol-related deaths.