sick as a parrot

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(as) sick as a parrot

Thoroughly displeased, disappointed, or dejected (about something). Primarily heard in UK. Tim was as sick as a parrot when he learned that he had been passed over for the promotion. I'm delighted that my children have such wonderful opportunities abroad, but I must say I feel sick as a parrot at the thought of being separated from them for so long. A: "Nick seems sick as a parrot today. Is he OK?" B: "Yeah, he just found out he got rejected from his first-choice school."
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sick as a parrot

If you are as sick as a parrot, you are very annoyed or disappointed about something. Sportsnight presenter Des Lynam will be as sick as a parrot if his new TV show fails to score with viewers. Note: The origin of this expression is uncertain. References to people being `as melancholy as a sick parrot' have been found as early as the 17th century. In the 1970s in West Africa, there was an outbreak of the disease of psittacosis or parrot fever, which humans can catch from birds. At about this time, footballers and football managers started using this expression to say how they felt when they had lost a match.
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sick as a parrot

extremely disappointed. humorous
This expression is a late 20th-century British catchphrase, often associated with disappointed footballers or football managers.
1998 New Scientist Many of my MP colleagues are as sick as the proverbial parrot that Lord Sainsbury has been appointed to succeed John Battle as Britain's science minister.
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(as) sick as a ˈparrot

(British English, humorous) very disappointed: She was as sick as a parrot when she found out that her sister had been nominated for a prize and she hadn’t.
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Dwyer complained before the race that the advertised good to firm ground was in fact riding good to soft, and was in no mood to change his opinion after seeing Sick As A Parrot beaten just over two lengths.
Pet shop owner Dennis Jones is sick as a parrot after thieves swiped his prized cockatoo.
GRUMPY radio presenter George Hook was so devastated when he lost Celebrity Bainisteoir he felt "sick as a parrot".
Chat-up lines can either leave you feeling warm and flattered or as sick as a parrot.
FOOTBALLERS are responsible for their share of cliches as most interviews are littered with being over the moon, sick as a parrot, obviously...
THE only English football fan not feeling as sick as a parrot is schoolboy Chris Hawkins.
McCoist - who is backing a new campaign to promote the zoo into the next millennium - said: "I was sick as a parrot when I broke my leg but I am fine and determined to get back to fitness."
NO matter who wins, Animal Hospital star Rolf Harris fears he will be sick as a parrot later today.
I'm sick as a parrot (for drowning sorrows with Marcel Desailly).
SOCCER nut Neil Tidd was sick as a parrot when he tried to take his baby to a game.
HE wasn't gutted, he wasn't sick as a parrot, he was joyous in his praise for the best game of this season and probably the previous ten as well.