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sic (someone or something) on (someone)

To cause someone or something to attack someone or something else. If I sic my goons on him, I bet he'll pay up. I do feel safe here because I have two dogs that I know I can sic on an intruder.
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sic transit gloria mundi

Literally, "thus passes the glory of the world," from Latin. Used figuratively to express regretful recognition that something has or is about to end, as all things eventually do. I can't believe the university is closing down—it's nearly as old as the country! Well, sic transit gloria mundi, as the saying goes.
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sick up

slang To vomit. I kept sicking up, even though all that was left was bile. Pull the car over, Stephen—Tom's about to sick up in the back seat!
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sic transit gloria mundi

Nothing on earth is permanent, as in His first three novels were bestsellers and now he can't even find an agent-sic transit gloria mundi . This expression, Latin for "Thus passes the glory of the world," has been used in English since about 1600, and is familiar enough so that it is sometimes abbreviated to sic transit.
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sic on

To urge or incite someone or something to attack or go after someone: The guards sicced dogs on the intruders. They threatened to sic their lawyers on us.
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sick (up)

in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. I think I’m going to sick up. Isn’t there supposed to be a barf bag in one of these seat pockets?
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