shy away (from someone or something)

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shy away (from someone or something)

1. To withdraw, recede, or recoil (from someone or something) in or as in fear. Are you mad at me? You've been shying away from me all day. The child shied away as the strange man approached.
2. To avoid, evade, or neglect something. You wanted to lead this branch, which means you can't shy away from the thornier aspects of the job. We need someone who won't shy away when it's time to make tough decisions.
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shy away (from someone or something)

to avoid someone or something. The dog shies away from John since he kicked it. I can understand why the dog would shy away.
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shy away from

Avoid, evade, as in He shied away from all questions concerning his private life. [Late 1700s]
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shy away

1. To retreat out of a sense of shyness: The deer poked its head out from the bushes and then shied away when it saw me.
2. To avoid doing something, especially out of caution or anxiety: The company shied away from giving raises this year.
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"We built a brand behind other people's brands." Lutke added that while the company is shying away from the gravitational pull of the San Francisco Bay Area, it is not shying away from Silicon Valley-style ambition, as the company has begun the shift from the internet to the real world with the launch of its own fulfillment network, mirroring similar operations at Amazon, the author notes.
KARACHI -- Eateries on main University Road near Hassan Square area continued to occupy footpaths and portions of service road, as the KMC and DMC authorities are shying away from taking action against them.
Summary: California [USA], Nov 18 (ANI): Looks like Jenna Dewan is deeply in love with beau Steve Kazee and is not shying away from displaying her love for him.
PSE president Ramon Monzon said investors are shying away from the Philippine market but it's not unique to the country as investors are also shying away from emerging markets.
If the authorities in Lahore were actually worried about the prerogatives of the next setup, there were better ways of addressing the issue instead of shying away from announcing a budget.
It will for a series not shying away serious issues Lee McMurray, the commissioning editor at Channel 4 Formats, said: "Wit, warmth and humour, combined with a great cast of familiar faces, will make for a fantastic Channel 4 series that will have broad appeal, while not shying away from exploring the serious and pressing issues facing modern policing.
He said the provincial government was not shying away from its responsibilities by alleging intelligence agencies of neighbours.
With the increase in healthy eating, consumers are shying away from big, traditional desserts, often choosing a starter and main over the indulgence of a pudding.
PEOPLE are shying away from visiting spas because they find them too intimidating and can't work out the protocol, according to research from Saga Holidays.
"Greg really had his pulse on the market, which allowed us to not only lock into a lease at a below-market rate at a time when rents are rising and landlords are shying away from committing to forward deals, but also eliminated the prospect of us relocating to new space which would likely require a substantial capital expenditure," noted John Grizzetti, chief financial officer, Mason Capital Management.
Instead of shying away from the scale of the atrocity--be it a killing field, a battlefield, the site of a massacre or in this case the site of a former Nazi death camp--such monuments reuse often vast areas of land in an attempt to freeze history, cast in stone the scale of lost life, and to make something strangely beautiful and moving from something that derives from absolute evil.
Far from shying away from these things, Kysar implores the preacher to embrace these ambiguities and paradoxes as grist for the preaching mill.
She recanted in a subsequent Globe column, still thinking of Langer as immature but praising him as immensely talented and shying away from any imputation that censorship was needed to deal with people like him.
But while Lay agrees corporate bonds backed by well-known firms can be a good value, he's shying away from the corporate sector He thinks spreads--the difference in yield between corporates and Treasuries--will continue to widen.
Never known for shying away from making money to stay solvent, the Orthodox Church factory continues to produce and sell icons and candles; bishops bless automobiles in exchange for money; and one diocese has entered into a high-profile, bottled water venture with private partners.