shy away from (someone or something)

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shy away from (someone or something)

To avoid someone or something. I shy away from confrontation because I just don't like conflict. Are you mad at me? You've been shying away from me all day.
See also: away, shy

shy away (from someone or something)

to avoid someone or something. The dog shies away from John since he kicked it. I can understand why the dog would shy away.
See also: away, shy

shy away from

Avoid, evade, as in He shied away from all questions concerning his private life. [Late 1700s]
See also: away, shy

shy away

1. To retreat out of a sense of shyness: The deer poked its head out from the bushes and then shied away when it saw me.
2. To avoid doing something, especially out of caution or anxiety: The company shied away from giving raises this year.
See also: away, shy
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You'll never find the perfect puddle, of course, but don't shy away from one simply because it's small.
All the vibes have been good about him and he is undoubtedly the horse to beat, but you never shy away from one horse.
The resolution does not shy away from one of the most controversial topics in mental health, the over-prescription of psychiatric drugs.
The 38-year-old is as mild-mannered a man as you could hope to meet, but he was never afraid of a challenge on the pitch and is not about to shy away from one off it after making the step-up into management.
You can't just shy away from one aspect and go somewhere else.
But I know too, that, if we're not there we can't beat her-and that it's a mistake to shy away from one horse who might have an off-day.