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shuttle diplomacy

An act, instance, or practice of carrying out discussions or negotiations between two parties who refuse to communicate with one another directly. The ambassador has been on a mission of shuttle diplomacy, trying to broker a peace deal between the two warring nations.
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shuttle someone or something from (person to person)

 and shuttle someone or something from place to place
(Specific persons or places are sometimes expressed.) to move or pass someone or something from person to person; to move or pass someone or something from place to place. My phone call was shuttled from person to person. Mary shuttled her children from home to school to practice.
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Selected MTA 161 buses will stop at Warner Center terminus of the Orange Line at four times daily on weekends and holidays, then connect with the ParkLINK shuttle at Las Virgenes and Agoura roads.
9-pound chunk of foam insulation broke off the side of the shuttle's external fuel tank but didn't appear to hit the shuttle.
Three SSMEs on the shuttle orbiter provide the majority (about 55 percent) of the total impulse required to attain orbital velocity.
Here is policy made tangible," MalcolmMcConnell writes on viewing the wreckage of the space shuttle Challenger, laid out on the floor of a giant hangar at Cape Canaveral.
So when traveling, whether a local resident or a visitor to Southern California, Prime Time Shuttle is the best transportation choice for getting to the airport, cruise ship terminal or rail station.
NASA plans to replace the space shuttle fleet with a new spacecraft, the Crew Exploration Vehicle.
Last week, NASA announced it might not be ready to test-fly the shuttle until next summer because it didn't know when it could meet one of the board's key recommendations--having an in-flight repair kit to patch large holes in the shuttle surface.
In addition to the STS-121 mission, SPACEHAB's Flight Services team continues its support of the STS-116 and 118 shuttle flights.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - California space advocates will honor the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center for its 50th space shuttle landing and continued support of the nation's space program.
On average, there are only five shuttle flights per year.
NASA and subcontractors that provide critical hardware, software and services bestow the Space Flight Awareness Award on suppliers and employees who make significant contributions to the NASA Space Shuttle, Space Station or payload programs.
The shuttles themselves are very nice, the air conditioning is good, the seats are comfortable, the drivers friendly.
The space shuttle Columbia, which tore apart killing all seven of its crew on Feb.
enables airport shuttle services, public and private transportation organizations, and municipalities to monitor their vehicles at all times, resulting in increased security, efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Lenoir, NASA's chief of space flight, said the shuttles would remain grounded until engineers found, understood and fixed the leaks.