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shuttle diplomacy

An act, instance, or practice of carrying out discussions or negotiations between two parties who refuse to communicate with one another directly. The ambassador has been on a mission of shuttle diplomacy, trying to broker a peace deal between the two warring nations.
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shuttle someone or something from (person to person)

 and shuttle someone or something from place to place
(Specific persons or places are sometimes expressed.) to move or pass someone or something from person to person; to move or pass someone or something from place to place. My phone call was shuttled from person to person. Mary shuttled her children from home to school to practice.
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The connection uses bus Line 161 to take riders from the San Fernando Valley's busway to the ParkLINK Shuttle, a weekend service that connects 13 parks in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.
Two and a half years after the catastrophic breakup of the shuttle Columbia, NASA's shuttle program roared back into space with the July 26 launch of Discovery.
A crawler transporter does exactly what its name implies; it transports a space shuttle from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pad at a crawling pace (1 mph).
One, which calls for continued use of shuttles well into the 21st century, will at best waste a lot of money, and at worst may lead to more lives lost attempting to achieve nominal goals like cargo launches.
SAN DIEGO -- Rattan Joea, CEO of Prime Time Shuttle, announced Prime Time Shuttle expanded service to all major airports and cruise ship terminals in Southern California by acquiring First Class Transportation which served San Diego county with shuttle resources.
PALMDALE -- Space shuttle Atlantis, rolled out of Rockwell International's Palmdale plant in 1985 as the fourth and final of the original shuttle fleet, could return to its birthplace if a local lawmaker gets her wish.
Last week, NASA announced it might not be ready to test-fly the shuttle until next summer because it didn't know when it could meet one of the board's key recommendations--having an in-flight repair kit to patch large holes in the shuttle surface.
After coming into nearly universal use on wheel-type blow molding machines for making high-volume consumer products, in-mold labeling (IML) is now expanding into the realm of shuttle machines used for small- to medium-volume applications.
In addition to the STS-121 mission, SPACEHAB's Flight Services team continues its support of the STS-116 and 118 shuttle flights.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - California space advocates will honor the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center for its 50th space shuttle landing and continued support of the nation's space program.
On average, there are only five shuttle flights per year.
PITTSBURGH -- Alcoa (NYSE:AA) announced today that it fueled NASA's return to flight today by supplying products and solutions to the NASA Space Shuttle Program including the aluminum powder that boosted Space Shuttle Discovery into orbit.
But the ridership dropped dramatically the second weekend when the shuttles started charging $1 for people over 12.
The space shuttle Columbia, which tore apart killing all seven of its crew on Feb.