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shuttle diplomacy

An act, instance, or practice of carrying out discussions or negotiations between two parties who refuse to communicate with one another directly. The ambassador has been on a mission of shuttle diplomacy, trying to broker a peace deal between the two warring nations.
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shuttle (someone or something) from (some place) to (some place)

To transport someone or something from one location, event, or activity to another by or as by shuttle. The school is asking for volunteers to shuttle students from school to the museum for their field trip. I've been shuttling this artwork from exhibit to exhibit all around the country.
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shuttle someone or something from (person to person)

 and shuttle someone or something from place to place
(Specific persons or places are sometimes expressed.) to move or pass someone or something from person to person; to move or pass someone or something from place to place. My phone call was shuttled from person to person. Mary shuttled her children from home to school to practice.
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Although being the smallest SFF PC from Shuttle, the Shuttle mini X 100BA is well-prepared to manage any office applications just like its bigger brothers: word processing, data backups with its combo drive, multimedia, internet applications and a lot more.
The shuttle and its crew of six landed safely Monday morning after they flew up to the space station, dropped off some goodies and supplies, did some experiments and tests, gave a ride home to an astronaut and returned home with castoffs and trash from the space station.
9-pound chunk of foam insulation broke off the side of the shuttle's external fuel tank but didn't appear to hit the shuttle.
Late in 2003, ME Global's research helped prompt NASA to overturn the refurbishment program and charter USA (NASA's largest contractor, which is responsible for the shuttle ground transport systems including the two transporters) to immediately start procurement processes to outfit both transporters with new shoes.
Rate: $59 deluxe single, $69 deluxe double plus tax, Light continental breakfast is served daily in lobby; fitness center No shuttle service to campus, but mere is a local bus stop for the "Hop," which loops up to The University of Colorado campus.
TPS has built shuttle molds with 32 and 48 cavities.
Their little plastic model was something called the shuttle, which was going to bring down launch costs, make space travel routine, and .
The connection uses bus Line 161 to take riders from the San Fernando Valley's busway to the ParkLINK Shuttle, a weekend service that connects 13 parks in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.
Last January, NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe, who just announced his resignation, canceled the fifth and likely final shuttle mission to repair and upgrade Hubble.
After coming into nearly universal use on wheel-type blow molding machines for making high-volume consumer products, in-mold labeling (IML) is now expanding into the realm of shuttle machines used for small- to medium-volume applications.
Here is policy made tangible," MalcolmMcConnell writes on viewing the wreckage of the space shuttle Challenger, laid out on the floor of a giant hangar at Cape Canaveral.
PALMDALE -- Space shuttle Atlantis, rolled out of Rockwell International's Palmdale plant in 1985 as the fourth and final of the original shuttle fleet, could return to its birthplace if a local lawmaker gets her wish.
Although the board concluded that loose insulation foam caused the demise of the Columbia shuttle and its seven-member crew last February, the panel also pointed a finger at what it regarded as NASA'S culture of complacency.
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