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So, he says, even from the day the rules were written, the NRC gave out exemptions "for alternative means of shutting the plant down that were safe and reliable.
Its Port Hawkesbury mill in Nova Scotia, Canada, is in the process of shutting down its groundwood and high-yield pulp mill as progress is made in ramping up its TMP plant.
After shutting the reactor down, operators restarted it again on Aug.
He argues the environmental impact statement contains insufficient economic -- cost estimates for shutting down boating and fishing in the test area -- for the Secretary of Defense ever to responsibly determine when it pays to use the Chesapeake Bay as a fallback.
One smoke unit spent 1 1/2 days figuring out why their generator was shutting down before they discovered the supply line had worked loose.
Foremost among the report's criticisms is a purported lack of standards for shutting down plants that have been deemed unsafe.