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put up the shutters

(of a business) cease trading either for the day or permanently.
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ˌbring/ˌput down the ˈshutters

stop letting somebody know what your thoughts or feelings are; stop letting yourself think about something: He brought down the shutters on the terrible image of the car accident.
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n. the eyelids. She blinked those yummy shutters over those bedroom eyes, and my knees turned to mush.
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References in classic literature ?
They charged into the street with the shutters -- one, two, three -- had them up in their places -- four, five, six -- barred them and pinned then -- seven, eight, nine -- and came back before you could have got to twelve, panting like race-horses.
The flapping-to of the shutter would naturally have been attributed to the wind.
As the light goes in, the great eyes in the shutters, darkening, seem to close.
The windows of the hall looked into the court; the shutters were closed; but through a chink in them I saw my tutor draw near a large well, which was almost directly under the windows of his study.
He got at the inside fastening of the shutter and had presently this establishment open for his exploration.
On arriving at the square of the Hoogstraet, the man with the sallow face pushed the other behind an open shutter, from which corner he himself began to survey the balcony of the Town-hall.
It was a woman, Elizabeth Shepstone, who came along, learned the situation, and had the boy placed on a shutter.
I drew back the little shutter from the peephole in the wall, and looked through it.
He led Anne into the next room; and, opening the shutter, pointed to the garden.
A second door, leading from the bed-chamber into the yard, was locked; and the wooden shutter protecting the one window of the room was carefully barred.
It had a wide door in front and a broad shutter at each side.
A man stood at the window, holding back the shutter, and looking out attentively over the dim void of the burial-ground.
The party without, whoever it was, could have stood close to the shutter without hearing anything spoken; and, seeing the light through the chinks and finding all so quiet, might have been persuaded that only one person was there.
After some delay, and some assistance from Toby, the shutter to which he had referred, swung open on its hinges.
And she perambulated around the outside of the house, investigating, looking to see if windows and shutters were secure and in order.