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bring down the shutters

To stop thinking or talking about something. Mom has tried to bring down the shutters on John's death, but I know she's still very upset about it.
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put down the shutters

To stop thinking or talking about something. Mom has tried to put down the shutters on John's death, but I know she's still very upset about it.
See also: down, put, shutter

put up the shutters

To cease business operations for any length of time (often permanently). I loved that restaurant, so I'm very disappointed that they put up the shutters The owner always puts up the shutters for two weeks in the summer to accommodate her vacation. What time are you putting up the shutters tonight?
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(one's) shutters

slang One's eyelids. I squinted as I walked out into the bright sunlight, but it blinded me even through my shutters. It's a surprised, so keep those shutters closed!
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put up the shutters

(of a business) cease trading either for the day or permanently.
See also: put, shutter, up

ˌbring/ˌput down the ˈshutters

stop letting somebody know what your thoughts or feelings are; stop letting yourself think about something: He brought down the shutters on the terrible image of the car accident.
See also: bring, down, put, shutter


n. the eyelids. She blinked those yummy shutters over those bedroom eyes, and my knees turned to mush.
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If you're set on shutters, but not sure if you should venture away from white, LOUISE O'BRYAN suggests that you take a look at these stunners he popularity of window shutters continues to grow thanks to their modernclassic appeal and practical design.
Aluminum full grilled rolling shutter of total size 17Ftx14Ft of which
You can also open the shutters completely for a full view of the landscape around you or you can close to block the passes
Over the past eight years, The Shutter Shop has maintained an excellent level of care, passion and service, primarily by keeping the business model simple.
4mn) contract to supply high-security shutters, sectional overhead doors and security grills for the new 260,000ft 2 Louvre Abu Dhabi museum.
The running kids will blur at such a slow, slow shutter speed.
London-born and Dubai-bred The Shutter Company has been a leader in this segment.
One of the basics of photography is learning which shutter speed to choose with the lens in use in order to achieve a sharp image unaffected by the dreaded 'camera shake'.
Builders and homeowners may choose from a variety of aluminum products--including motor-driven, accordion, roll shutter, and storm panels--but the two most attractive styles are the colonial and Bahama styles, says Tyson.
The FNP beamline will consist of neutron guides, choppers, secondary shutters, monochromators, and shielding along with the necessary utilities, safety and radiation protection equipment, and appropriate ancillary equipment.
Strap hinges, shutter dogs, and even hold backs (basically a long hook and eye that can keep an open shutter against the house)--even if they aren't used--can give a house a great feel.
The metal shutter was down and the front entrance was cordoned off and guarded by two security guards.
They may select a fast shutter speed to stop action, or a slow one to blur it.