shut the door on

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shut the door on (something)

1. Literally, to close a door while something is in the way, usually accidentally. Whoa, hang on, my dress is caught on something. I think I shut the door on it. I accidentally shut the door on my finger. I think it might be broken!
2. To hinder something; to make something impossible. If they find out that you lied on your resume, it will definitely shut the door on this job opportunity for you. The new president has already indicated that she will be shutting the door on any further efforts to unite the two countries.
3. To conclude something. While graduation shuts the door on the high school experience for most seniors, there are always an unlucky few who have to stay behind an extra year. I'm just glad to shut the door on this whole unfortunate affair.
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shut the door (up)on someone or something

 and close the door on someone or something ; close the door to someone or something
1. Lit. to close a door, preventing someone or something from passing through. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) They shut the door upon me, and I couldn't get in! We quickly closed the door on the smoke.
2. Fig. to eliminate an opportunity for someone or something. The board of directors shut the door on me, and there was no further opportunity for me to pursue. They closed the door on further discussions.
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shut/close the ˈdoor on something

make it unlikely that something will happen; refuse to consider an idea, a plan, etc: I think this company should remain open to ideas and not shut the door on change.She was careful not to close the door on the possibility of further talks.
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He shut the door on the driver's side, so I couldn't get out.
Police want elderly people to shut the door on unexpected callers who do not produce valid identification.
They sometimes feel they cannot shut the door on someone because it is rude.
Maybe they would also shut the door on Soledad O'Brien for being biracial, but she isn't wearing a mask to cover herself.